Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mail Delivery, Jan 1861

January 8, 1861
"A beautiful morning. E. Crawford, Mary Parkin, Matilda Sanders, Lynch and I went to Richmond in the ox wagon.  Very bad roads. The ice almost gave this morning, but plenty of snow yet. Got a letter from Kitty. The first mail matter we have had for 10 days."

January 16, 1861
"A very nice day. We came home. Kate Green, Mary Fulton, Benny and Drake came with us. Rich and family came along after A. K. Fulton came in the evening. The river to high. The mail could not get over."
Hannah Walton Sanders
The Civil War Diary Quilt Book

As always my fabric choices are very similar to the book....

Here is the foundation paper I printed up using the companion CD.... very easy.  I wrote in some of the fabric colors for reference so that I don't make a mistake.  This block is broken down into two sections and can be easily drafted by hand.  If you draft this block by hand, remember to add your 1/4 seams around each section.

Here I am working on one half.... shoot, I'm working with strips...

Sewing on the lines.... remember to go at least  a 1/4" pass the traced block design.

.... not all of my strips are going the right way.... mmmmmm what to do?  Who will look that closely?

'Mail Delivery'

Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr

Next week I will be working on the last block for Hannah Walton Sanders chapter in the book.  The last block in this section is called 'Gardening'  a very fitting block for Hannah.  She seems to have a love of gardening since her diary entries often refer to her garden.

Happy quilting!

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