Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wow! I got a few things done!

Halloween 10-minute Table Runner

Santa 10-Minute Table Runner

Quilted all three!
Last night was the FNSI for August and I got a few projects done.  Not what I intended to get to however.  I had originally planned on pinning my batik 'no-name' quilt that I tested on quilt retreat.  I have a teenager at home that insisted that I go to Best-buy to check on my phone so that he could drive the car.  My phone totally crapped out on my on quilt retreat so I was completely cut-off from the world. My phone needs to be fixed and after going to Best Buy they referred me to the AT&T store. Long story short, my afternoon was shot, my Dell phone is not available until September 21st or so.  At least it's covered under warranty.  I got lucky.  But not lucky enough to get my quilt pinned.  Got home in time to run to the Ford Dealership to pick up my Truck.  More warranty work done.  Got home to throw together Pepperoni lasagna for the family and managed to get to my sewing room around 7:00 last night.  Was unable to pin my quilt last night since my dear hubby had a computer spawled out on my favorite table.  Hummmmm what to do? I decided to finally unpacked my bin from quilt retreat and found a pattern that my mom shared with me.  Yippee!!!! Something that I can do for FNSI!!!  Woot hooooo! So I worked on making 10-minute table runners.  It took me longer than 10 minutes though.  I embellished them with yo-yo's and buttons.  So cute!  So adorable that I put together some 10-minute table runner kits that can be purchased at my Etsy store.  I love this pattern!  Then I pulled out a UFO from my bin, something I started but never finished from another FNSI.  Quilted all three of my Dresden plate table runners.  A very productive evening!


  1. Your 10 minute table runners look great. I made something similiar to these to use on my sideboard several years ago. I may just have to make a few for Christmas gifts.

  2. Best laid plans go seriously astray when real life pushes in. Glad you got some things done.