Friday, January 14, 2011

Tomorrow is Civil War Saturday...

Tomorrow is Civil War Saturday, hope that you are able to join me in my journey as I work on my civil war quilt.  Civil War era quilts are rare... is that why I am so fascinated with them?  I spent the evening reading about the Jane Stickle quilt, looking at pictures, marveling at her workmanship, how long did it take her to make the quilt.  5602 pieces, none of the blocks repeat, nor does any of the fabric repeat from block to block.  Fabric was scarce in the south during the Civil War.  Here I sit in present time with a room full of fabric and choices recreating a Civil War style quilt. Something to think about.

During the Civil War  the military requested that quilts for the soldiers measure seven by four feet so they would fit on a cot.  I read that over 250,000 quilts were made for the union soldiers.  Very few of these quilts survived, they were put through a good deal of use, they wore out.  Also, many soldiers were buried with their quilt.  To make your very own Civil War Soldiers Cot Quilt I found this link for a free pattern.

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