Saturday, December 11, 2010

What did I get done last night....

Well, I ran into my sewing room as soon as I finished dinner and sent my son off to 'camp' and spent part of my evening cleaning my sewing room up so that I would have a space to work.  Fabric, paper, thread, scraps everywhere.  While straightening I discovered..... Arrrrrgggggg!  I cut through my cutting mat... onto my leather topped table!  YIKES!!! I've worn my cutting mat out.  Santa, oh santa, I've been a very good girl and I really,
really need a new cutting mat.

tracing.... tracing.... and more tracing....
  After boo hooing over my mat, nevermind the table.... my poor mat.  I started a new project and abandoned all those other things waiting for me.  I used one of my patterns from my line... 'Santa's Little Deer' and made an ornament and a set of four placemats.... oh so cute!  I was really happy with how the ornament came out. 
Items to cut out....

Pieces, pieces everywhere...

When I do the ornament again I will do my decorative stitching before I trim around the design.  I think it will just make it easier to handle while sewing.  I used a red 1/4" satin ribbon to make the hanger for the tree.  Any decorative ribbon would work.  I just happened to have red on hand.

Also made a set of 4 placemats... they turned out ever so cute!



  1. Found you on the etsy forums. That placemat is so cute! :)



  2. He is so sweet - what cute placemats :0)

  3. Looks like you've been busy.
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