Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday!

Behind this door...

It's finally Friday and I can't wait to quick feed my family a frozen teriyaki stir-fry, make it in the microwave meal, and skidaddle down to my sewing studio! 

It will be a  lazy stuck in the house weekend since we are forcasted for 13+ inches of snow... my son is scheduled to leave for a Boy Scout campout tonight and I'm wondering if the men in the troop will have the forsight to maybe cancel it for another weekend.  Regardless, it's my Friday night sew in night with Heidi!  Don't know what I will work on first.  My list is large... my studio messy... but I'm sure something will jump out and scream, "Work on me!  Work on me!"

I will go and sew and sew with Wilson to warm my feet... let's see if I can work past my 'bed time'.  I will enter with high hopes to get something done... coffee in one hand and a bowl of M&M's in the other.  Coffee and chocolate will keep me going!

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  1. Happy Friday Night Sew In !!! ( I didn't realize it was tonight .... I should drag my butt away from this computer and over to my sewing machine ..... I've got a to do list that would put Santa's list to shame!)

    .... oh, and as far as men having the foresight to cancel something because of bad weather .... in my experience that isn't gonna happen!!!! (I have 2 big boys ... one 20 and one 18 ) .... boy scout weekend camping trips in snow storms, away wrestling matches (FAR away ) where they actually LEAVE the school AFTER it already is a snowstorm (i.e. not like they were half way there and a snowstorm started), dirt bike races in thunder (and lightning) storms .... (sigh) ..... nope, men don't really have much foresight in my experience!

  2. That is sooooooo true! They did scale back the travel plans... camping out in their host church. It sure is storming here.... another good day to sew and bake.