Sunday, May 17, 2020


My grandma had such a green thumb and I remember she used to grow hollyhocks. As a little kid they looked like they reached the sky. Grandma loved her garden and growing things. Maybe that’s where my love of gardening came from. I was very lucky to live near my grandparents when hubby and I were first married and she helped me plant my first garden. I remember shelling peas, picking corn and beans. I learned how to can that summer and have been canning since. Whenever I see hollyhocks growing I always think of grandma. So when I designed my blue ribbon panel, I just had to have hollyhocks (lilacs too) in memory of grandma.
Today I thought I would post directions on how to make this springtime table runner that can be put on display until fall. It uses the hollyhock section of my Blue Ribbon panel. The design can be embroidered or left plan as I did on mine. The patter n is very similar to the Hen and Chicks table runner and is a quick and easy project that has delightful results. I just love how bright and springy the Aunt Grace fabrics are. The table runner is a great size and can be easily adapted to hang on the wall just by adding a hanging sleeve to the upper back of the design. I like to use mine to add an extra pop of color in my home displayed on my kitchen island. So cute!
I hope you enjoy this little freebie pattern using my Blue Ribbon panel. It’s the perfect table runner to put out during the spring and summer months. If you happen to love to garden you could keep your runner on display year round! I do have the Blue Ribbon fabric panel available in my Etsy and Website Stores. The panel is also available in many local quilt stores too!

Happy quilting,
Cindy & Belvedere


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  3. Love panel but couldn't find by trying search in Etsy.