Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hanging Matters...

Last weekend I bought a new/used china hutch. Those of you who know me, understand my dish fetish. I love china and dishes and my hutches, yes, hutches, were packed and stacked to the limit. So when I spied a hutch for sale that was a bit bigger and I felt was perfect, at a steal of a price, I grabbed it! My husband and younger son were sweet to move furniture around in the dining room after I emptied all of my dishes, china and glassware out of my hutches. This also meant moving my buffet and the lovely quilt I have hanging above it. I had originally hung this quilt up with some straight pins from my sewing room. Those of you who have hung quilts this way may have also noticed the weight of the quilt puts stress on the 'hanging' points where the pins are. It's not a great way to hang a quilt. I didn't want a permanent hanging rail put up since I like to have the freedom to move things around. So it dawned on me to use my hanging method I do at some shows I've displayed at.  All you need are some Command Hooks and curtain rings with clips. 

I love how this is an easy method using inexpensive products that can be found at your local hardware or grocery store.

I measured my quilt so I had an idea how far apart to place the hooks. Then following the package directions I attach the Command hooks to the wall.
I then clip the rings onto the top of my quilt. I really just eyeballed it...
Then with my hubby's help, we hung the quilt up. It took a little adjusting to get it centered and hanging flat.

I am really thrilled with the results. You can see in the picture I have hung my hooks up flush with the molding. I love that I can now easily switch out display quilts with the seasons. Although, this is one of my favorite quilts, it's an Art to Heart design from years ago. I made it while at my first quilt retreat with my mom and sisters. 

This method can also be used if you have a hanging sleeve. Just make sure to get Command hooks that can handle the weight of the quilt and a dowel for hanging. The hook will also need to be big enough to hold the dowel. 

So that's my handy dandy tip for the day. 
It's raining here in Minnesota, so I'm off to do some quilting on this lazy day.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere

Did you know, I also have Ackfeld hangers in my Etsy shop! They are also perfect for hanging mini quilts!


  1. Carmen MontmarquetSaturday, 04 August, 2018

    What a fabulous idea! I just love your display!!!

  2. Wait a minute ... you didn't show your new china hutch! Great idea for hanging quilts.

  3. It's a great tip! Where's the new hutch?

  4. Great idea and it looks so nice hung up like that.