Saturday, May 12, 2018

Minnesota Winter Wonderland ~ May QAL

I am having fun as I revisit this fun quilt. I love winter themed quilts. They are so warm and cozy and wonderful to snuggle under by the fireplace. This section of the quilt is called 'Fir Tree'. It's quick and easy to do. My cozy cabin is nestled in the woods, there needed to be more than one tree for 'the woods'. The block is similar to the 'Big Tree' block. I made my tree a little scrappy, using fabrics from my stash along with the fabrics that I picked up.  My plan is to embellish the center cabin scene with yo-yo snowflakes. I am also planning on having fun with the quilting.  Swirls for winter winds, smoke coming out of the chimney etc.  I am hoping this design will give you a little room for creativity on your own too! One thing to keep in mind is to do the background the same or similar fabrics as you did for your Cozy Cabin and Big Tree block. This will also be true with the block for September. 
My pieces are cut and all ready to sew...

Sewing corner to corner....

I like to 'chain' sew all of by block pairs at one time and
then I trim them up and iron them.

My Fir Tree block is all laid out and ready
to be sewn together...

To finish the block, sew the 2 1/2" x 14 1/2"
cream strip along the bottom to form the 'snow'...

'Fir Tree'
May's section
Layout so far...
 If you blog about it, please email me a link so that I can attach it to the Pinterest Board I have going for the Minnesota Winter Wonderland QAL. I hope you have fun with this section of the mystery quilt. It can easily be done in a weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Fir Trees! If you haven't joined in on the fun, it's not too late! This would be a great project for at a quilt retreat. The full pattern that we are using can be found

I am looking forward to next month, we will work on the next row of the quilt on June 9th. Mark your calendars! Now I'm off to get all packed up for Quilt Market in Portland! See you there!

Happy Quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere

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