Saturday, April 14, 2018

Minnesota Winter Wonderland - April

I am so thrilled that April is here! I am so tired of snow and cold weather. At least we are getting glimpses that spring is right around the corner. The days are getting longer and it's no longer dark when I let Belvedere out in the morning. I am usually greeted with a beautiful sunrise as I drink my morning cup of coffee, spring is almost here. I just have to look a little harder to find it.
Onto this section of the quilt... it's a strip or row of stars. It's quick and easy to do. I did not do mine scrappy but you certainly can make yours scrappy if you want to. The fun thing about this quilt is you can choose to do it scrappy or not scrappy, I'm doing a little of both. This month block is called 'Sparkling Stars'. A cozy cabin needs sparkling stars to light the winter sky.  One thing to keep in mind is to do the background the same or similar fabrics as you did for your Cozy Cabin block. This will also be true with the blocks for May and September. You want this section of the quilt to be somewhat consistent with the background colors. When these sections are pieced together it makes one big row.

My pieces are cut and and ready to sew...
My triangle squares are all ready to be ironed. Remember I am pairing together
2 1/2" squares and sewing corner to corner to make my triangle squares. I know
there's a little bit of waste, but I find this a quick and easy method since this quilt
is based on 2 1/2" squares and strips.
My blocks pieces are all lined up by my machine, it's time to
sew my stars together!
Next I will sew my stars together to form a row, placing 2 1/2" strips in between each block.

April's  Row
'Sparkling Stars'
Layout so far...

 If you blog about it, please email me a link so that I can attach it to the Pinterest Board I have going for the Minnesota Winter Wonderland QAL. I hope you have fun with this section of the  quilt. It can easily be done in an afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's stars! You can post pictures on Instagram and tag me @quiltdoodledesigns use the hashtag quiltdoodledesignsqal If you still want to join in on the fun, the pattern can be purchased HERE.  You only have a little catching up to do. We work on the next section on May 12th. So mark your calendars!

Happy Quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Those are beautiful stars in those fabrics! This will be such a cozy quilt!

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  3. Thank you for another cute design. I must be tired as I had trouble finding the download. Got it! It's great!! and Thank you!!

  4. I am not tired and I have hunted all over your website for the instructions and/or pattern for these blocks and I have only once found them for this quilt block. I would appreciate it if you could let me in on the secret!

    1. Hi Elsie, thank you for your message. The complete pattern, or the individual 'sections' can also be found in my Etsy shop. Here's the link;

      Happy quilting!