Sunday, December 17, 2017

UFO Success!

  I'm happy to announce I got one of my UFO's done! Woot! Woot! Happy dance!!!! I am thrilled that I finally completed my Confetti quilt. It's actually project that I'm writing a pattern for and have sent the pattern to my testers. Testers got their quilts all done,  but do you think I could get my quilt done and quilted. Other projects kept taking priority over this one. This quilt was fun to do and I was stuck on putting on borders and getting it quilted! Well, I took some time and went to my mom's, to work on it. Sometimes this is the only way I can get anything done is to go to my mom's and quilt with her. It's also a lot of fun to hang out with mom...
I love using the laser light on my mom's machine, it makes quilting straight lines so easy.

I also use a ruler to make sure to square up my quilted lines as I start a new 'row'.

I'm using an even feed foot to quilt. Quilting 'lines' using an even feed foot helps quilt your quilt in a jiffy! It's a great time saver if your under a time crunch.

~ Quick Confetti Quilt ~
Do you want to join me with my UFO challenge? Well here's what you need to do... Print up the handy dandy UFO sheet I have made for you. (It can be found on my website under my Quilting Fun Tab on the  Quilt Doodle Website. (Click on the 'My List of UFO's' next to the UFO graphic and then you can print off your UFO sheet to fill in.) Then fill in the spaces with six of your UFO's. Grab a dice and roll it..... then that's the project you get to work on for the next month! It's a great idea! I'll post again January around the 15th or so.... I'm not sure if I'll get much done with the holidays and all. So since I got a project done,  I get to roll the dice again...... shake, shake, shake-a-dee, shake........ I got a 6... oh my...... the snowball quilt. I started this project a few years ago at retreat. It's a quilt I want to make my for my younger son.... Ever follow a pattern thinking it would turn out bigger? I had picked up the fabric and pattern during Minnesota shop hop, many, many years ago..... Fell in love with the shop sample made the quilt following the little tiny pattern card I had only to find out when I completed it that the shop sample must have increase the pattern by four.... My winter in Minnesota quilt top was about the size of a tiny crib quilt. Ack! So it's been a UFO ever since. It's time for me to make it bigger so I can finish it for Thomas.

Let me know in the comments if you got a project done. I will celebrate your success with a virtual happy dance! Belvedere will probably do his best 'Ro- ro- rooooooo' for you too!

Have a great day stitching,

Pssst... the Quick Confetti Quilt Pattern can be found on my website as an instant PDF download....


  1. I guess I can add my woots to yours. We can start a garland. I have finished a few UFO's the late part of 2017. It does feel good. I have two more that I'd like to knock down a bit before 2018. We'll see. We are waiting for a new baby in our family. My granddaughter is expecting the new arrival on or around Jan 3 or 4 2018. I am making some burp cloths, and am plannig 8=10 receiving blankets as well. We'll see gow that goes.
    I have been searching in my flannel stash for acceptables touse in your 2018 BOM. This will be fin. Merry Christmas to you and yours

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