Saturday, July 29, 2017

Meeting Belvedere

While on vacation we had a chance to visit the litter of Basset Hounds that we will be choosing our puppy from. Many of you know that I lost my dear sweet Wilson last winter and I sure miss him, but it's time to fill that void with a new little puppy. It was so much fun visiting these little guys. Oh my gosh, puppies are little bundles of sunshine! God made them adorable so that you forgive them when they pee on the rug or chew up your favorite shoe!  
Total puppy heaven... so much fun to be surrounded by puppies.
Notice the little guy that kept nudging my leg.... that's Belvedere
trying to get my attention during our puppy visit.... of coarse I had to pick him up!

Here's my mom holding him, doesn't he have a sweet face.
Here's blue collar boy and green collar boy (Belvedere)...
When our turn came up, we had such a hard time choosing. We were stuck between two puppies... blue collar boy and green collar boy... they were almost identical! Well, we laugh because Maddie, our son's dog, broke the tie.... she came up to us and whipped her green toy on our laps. We laughed so hard, Maddie had voted.

Looking back at the photos that I took, this little puppy choose us too! This sweet puppy was meant to be ours.
In just a couple of weeks we will be taking a little road trip to pick up our newest family member. My husband and I are so excited to add this little guy to our family! We have fallen in love with those sad dopey eyes and long ears. It's been a long time since we've had a puppy at our house, I need to do some puppy proofing! 

Have a great day!


  1. Is there anything cuter than a Basset puppy? Congratulations on your choice.

  2. That one picture looks like he had a hard night out! He does look so sweet, especially in the last picture. I'm happy you bonded with your puppy - and Maddie's vote counted!

  3. Awww. So sweet. I so miss having a pup. Enjoy the sweet puppy breath and cuddles.

  4. How cute! Pretty hard to resist them.

  5. Bassets rule...and drool -- lol!

  6. oh how absolutely adorable. just look at that face. no wonder you chose him.
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  7. He is so cute. I thought for sure you were going to say you took both blue boy and green boy:)

  8. How fun to meet your new, Belvedere. He is adorable! I remember when I got to bring puppies home. I was in sheer bliss :-)

  9. He is gorgeous! Good luck with the puppy stage, puppy breath kisses forgives a lot!

  10. He is sooooooooo adorable. I just love puppy breath!!!

  11. The newest member of your family is adorable! Enjoy the new baby and remember he can do NO wrong!

  12. So cute! Congratulations on the new puppy!