Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chicken Envy

Something really special arrived at my sisters home last week. Baby chicks!!! They are the most adorable thing on this planet, besides puppies of coarse... I have been patiently waiting the arrival of her chicks and squealed in excitement when she sent me pictures. They are round, fuzzy balls of happiness. I can't help but smile when I watch the sweet videos she's been posting. The names she's given them just make me giggle... here are some of the sweet names.... Gertrude, Agnes Ann, Oakley, Chauncey, Duck and Zeus. I am looking forward to meeting her little brood of chickies.
I'm planning on a visit after quilt market. Although she tells be they will be in their 'ugly' stage. I laugh, there is no ugly stage, chicks are still adorable! I of coarse have chicken envy, but someday I will have a little brood of chicks. But for right now, I'll just have fun and draw cute little chicken designs to hang around the kitchen.
My sis is so lucky, when these babies are full grown, she'll have farm fresh eggs!
What a wonderful treat for her family!
Now to brighten your day and make you giggle, here's a sweet little clip of her baby chicks...

Hope you have a wonderful day!
I'm off to do some more planning and organizing for Quilt Market.
See you in St. Louis!


  1. When I was young we lived across the street from my great grandparents, who had a farm. I remember when the baby chicks would arrive -- so cute! My great grandpap called them peeps and he put them in a big room above a garage where there were lots of heat lamps. To my young self it seemed like there were hundreds of peeps all running around in there. It's my fondest memory of the farm.

  2. They are so cute when they are little, but a bit more work than I need, these days.
    Fun to do them in our appliqué though.


  3. My mom grew up on a farm and said that baby chicks were the cutest things ever. My eldest daughter (who lives in the country) gets baby chicks every spring at this time - but they are meat birds who are free range. A few get to be layers if the ones they have aren't laying anymore.