Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I have Spring Fever....


I have spring fever sooooo bad. I know just a week ago I was boo hooing over the big snow storm that missed us. Well, I'm fickle... I have spring fever so bad, I'm wearing capris and freezing to death today. Want to run errands but don't want to wear a coat, so I'm staying home. Staying home and working on some pretty springtime projects! I'm hooked on bunnies and flowers right now. Love the springtime look of the mini quilt, or wall hanging I just completed. It reminds me of all the Easter egg hunts my boys did over the years with the cousins. Running around grandma and grandpa's front lawn looking for those brightly colored eggs. Buckets and baskets overflowing by the time they were done. I hope it's a nice day for our Easter egg hunt this year. It's so nice to get outside...


I'm gonna go eat that piece of cheesecake for lunch and then head back down to the studio and sew up some more springtime.

Happy quilting!