Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Camper Sweet Camper!

Oh how I love when the Minnesota fabric comes out each year for the Minnesota Shop Hop. I know many devote quilters criss crossed the state to collect their stamps and Minnesota fabric. This year I didn't have a bunch of time for shop hopping, so I visited a couple of my favorite local shops and picked up just enough fabric to make a few fun projects.  I'm going to share one of them with you today. I wanted to show how you can use my applique designs on more than just tea towels! One of my favorite patterns is my 'Camper Sweet Camper'. I just love this little retro camper.How about a quick and easy cosmetic bags for traveling.

I started out with a layer cake of the 2016 Minnesota fabric...

I pulled out different fabrics that worked for my 'Camper Sweet Camper' design and traced the design out onto some heat n bond lite, ironed it onto the backside of the fabrics I choose for the design and ironed them onto a 10" square. I am soooo in love with this mosquito fabric.

I have cut 2 - 10" x 10" pieces of batting, 2 - 10" x 10" pieces of fabric for the lining, and another 10" x 10" piece of fabric for the 'back' of the bag. (Remember, I have the mosquito 10" square for the front of the bag. I am also planning on sewing a strip along the bottom of the front of the bag as an accent color. (the blue check/plaid fabric)

Then I layer the lining and front of the bag, right sides together on the batting and sew along the top of the 10" square. I then turn it right side out and iron it. This forms a finished edge across the top. Repeat this step with the lining and back of the back fabric pieces.

Here are the front and back pieces of the bag with the finished edge on the top.

Using brown thread, sew around the design pieces using your machine's buttonhole stitch. (or whatever stitch you like best for machine applique) You will sew through all three layers.

Machine applique is all done.... I have star buttons to sew in the sky instead of appliqueing the stars in my original design.

I did a simple quilting line design on the back of the bag... sorta sewing in between all of the vintage campers.

I then added a fabric accent strip along the bottom... totally optional.

I don't have a picture to show you, but I took a couple of 2" x 4" fabric pieces and doubled them up, (Sorta like a binding) and sewed am eight of an inch top stitch on each side to make a couple of tabs. These are for each side of the zipper, they are easily seen in the below photo. This is a pretty simple way to set in a zipper. Sew the finished edge along each side of the zipper setting in the 'tabs' on each side of the zipper.

In this picture you can see that I have one side sewn and the other side ready to sew, see the pins? I then also sew along the 'tabs' to secure the zipper better.

Fold the bag with the outside sides together and the zipper at the top. I also made a loop handle 18" by 4" strip of fabric that was folded and doubled over on itself lengthwise. I sewed an 1/8th of an inch on each side to give it a nice finish. (Topstitching) I made sure to have it inserted towards the top on the one side so that I would catch and sew it into place as I sewed the side seams.

  Here's a huge hint... open your zipper a little bit or at least half way. Why you ask? Well after you sew the three sides... it will be almost impossible to turn your bag inside out. It will be like trying to break into fort knox... I kid you not! Took me close to an hour to wiggle my zipper enough to get my hand in there to turn it right side out!  Anyway, sew along the sides and bottom using a quarter inch seam,  then zig zag over the raw edge to finish it off a little better on the inside.

This is an option bit, but I fold the bottom corners in on themselves  and sew across about an inch or so in to give the bag a nice bottom... it also helps to give the bag a good shape. Remember to trim the excess fabric. I also do a zig zag stitch along the raw edge.

Now it's time to embellish this cute bag with some buttons!

Maybe next year I'll hop on a bus and visit a section I haven't been to yet. It would be fun to go on a little quilting trip and visit a section of Minnesota I don't normally go to. Maybe go on one of those fun overnight shop hop bus trips. I'll have a cute Minnesota cosmetic bag to pack for the trip!

Have a great day!
Happy quilting,


  1. I love that fabric and the bag you made with it, what a fun idea for a carry all to bring some stitch work when camping.


  2. I love your bag and especially the fabric line. I live in Canada and was wondering where I could purchase this fabric line. Is it possible for you to suggest where I could possibly get the fabric.

  3. Love the applique, love the fabric! The bag turned out wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this little camper design of yours. It looks great on the bag. How fun that there is Minnesota fabric :-)

  5. Cindy this is the cutest bag and I love the fabrics. Who would have thought, mosquitoes fabric? Too cute! The trees and camper are so charming. I love vintage campers and you have set the camper in the scene perfectly. The stitching around the different elements of your design sets it off beautifully. I love it!

  6. From fabric to pattern it all works so well together. I lovely project.

  7. This is just darling. Will it be a kit?

  8. I did Minnesota quilts for the first time this year. What fun.... I love the bag

  9. Is the camper pattern available online? And the fabric? Where do I order? Thanks