Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Applique and a Glue Stick

I have a new favorite product that I use for applique and it has been so helpful as I work on my Dear Jane quilt. It's a handy dandy glue stick that I picked up from Missouri Star Company. It's called Lapel Stick from BandK Enterprises, now you need to know I am in no way being paid or reimbursed for my opinion on this product. I'm sharing it with you because I really do love using it and it has made hand appliqueing some of these blocks so much easier! There are many products out there and I'm sure they work just as good and if they help you in your quilting journey, then use them! The technique I am showing you today is like freezer paper applique. Instead of using freezer paper I am using just plain old paper from my computer that I traced my shapes onto for my Dear Jane quilt. (Which I have been slowly working on.... I may get it done before I turn 100 years old)

I cut my paper shape out and I use this handy dandy
glue stick to 'glue' my fabric onto my paper foundation piece.
I love that there are no basting stitches!

I then will hand applique the shape into place on my block.

I then trim away the excess fabric on the back side leaving about a
1/4 seam from my hand stitching.
This will expose the paper foundation piece that I glued my fabric to.

I then pull the paper out. Don't worry about the glue residue.
It is water soluble.

My block is finished! woot woot!

I used this technique on these Dear Jane blocks!
 I hope that this little tutorial and hint helps you out when you do applique. Using the water soluble glue stick is a handy dandy alternative to basting your fabric onto freezer paper. It has sure helped me out with my Dear Jane journey. Those of you that follow me on Instagram have been seeing some of my progress as I work on my blocks. I am fascinated with the Jane Sickle quilt and love to see other Janiacs finish their quilts.

Have a great quilty day!
Happy quilting,


  1. The colours are pretty! Nice work ♥

  2. I have used Lapel Stick quite a bit. I was surprised to see that they have changed the label.

  3. I love the Lapel Glue, too. Recently I use TWO other kinds(I forgot to take my glue stick and, man, oh man! was I disappointed. Both dried hard as a rock and would not turn loose of the fabric. I learned my lesson! Didn't take you glue to a class? Do without!