Sunday, July 31, 2016

August's Block ~ Santa Claus!

This month's block is Santa! Did you know that if you don’t believe in Santa, you’ll get underwear in your stocking! Well that's what I told my boys thru out the years and I can report that I have never put underwear in anyone's Christmas sock. My  boys are 30 and 21 and they still believe in the spirit of Santa and we still fill Christmas socks during the holiday season. My family certainly believes in Jolly St. Nick, so I had to include him in the BOM quilt! I love seasonal quilts and love setting quilts out for Christmas. There’s something extra special about a Christmas quilt.  Let’s have fun a make a row of Santa’s for our Christmas quilt. (If you don’t want a row of Santa’s, feel free to repeat one of the previous blocks.) So let’s get started…

Here I have all of the pieces laid out to sew the 'plain' Santa block. 
I have sewn the squares onto the rectangles to form Santa's hat.
I'm all ready to construct the Santa block. I made two for my quilt.
Love how my plain Santa block turned out. The buttons
are perfect for Santa's nose and eyes.
My picture is sideways.... but thinking about sewing all of these squares together will do that to you! lol.... you can see I have all of my blocks lined up ready to sew, but first I need to sew my triangle squares.
All of my triangle squares are done, so now I'm off to finish putting
my checkerboard Santa together.
'Checkerboard Santa'
I only used two fabrics for my Santa's hat. You can use several different red fabrics for a scrappier look. I made a total of 3 checkerboard Santa blocks for my quilt.
I didn't sew the buttons onto my quilt until I was finished quilting it. It's not pleasant working around buttons while you are machine quilting.
The pattern can be found for FREE this month in my Craftsy Shop and also on my website. Also, if you ever need to find past blocks or tutorials, I have a tab at the top of my blog labeled 2016 BOM that you can click on to get links to all past blog postings for this quilt. A complete listing of fabric supplies can be found on my website, Craftsy Shop and also under the 2016 BOM tab on my blog. Remember to post pictures of your progress on Instagram #quiltdoodledesignsBOM2016 (you can also tag me at Quilt Doodle Designs) There is also a flickr group you can join and post pictures. I love seeing pictures of what you guys are doing with the Tis the Season patterns. It is soooo much fun to see the quilt made in different fabrics! Love it!

Button packs are available in my Etsy Shop. I have packaged the button packs a couple of different ways. Either as one big pack with everything in it or individually for each design/row.

There's also a handy dandy grab-able button to post on your blog to help me promote and get the word out about this fun Christmas BOM .  Please help to spread the word!

I hope that you have fun making this block this month. It's one of my favorites to do. I made a couple extra ones for some companion projects to go with my finished quilt. The 8 1/2" Santa can be substituted in my Reindeer Pillow pattern to make a Santa pillow. Wouldn't that be adorable to put out for the holidays? Stay out of the heat, grab a glass of iced tea and do some quilting. It's a great way to spend a hot summer day!

 Happy Quilting!
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  1. Adorable Cindy. God bless your amazing talent and generosity

  2. Being lazy, I expect I won't do the checkerboard. LOL Love the Santa block, and maybe a pillow or two will be done soon.

  3. jillszoo@aol.comTuesday, 02 August, 2016

    I'm loving this quilt! The blocks are adorable. Just a quick question....did I miss the "hats" block? My schedule has "hats" for August.

    1. I switched the Santa and Hats around... Hats will be next month :)