Monday, April 11, 2016

I Have a Quilting Fairy

The quilting fairy actually has been hanging out at my house lately and helping me get ready for Spring Market. Actually she's more like an angel! I cannot tell you how much her help means to me and how appreciated she is along with how much I treasure her friendship. She helps keep me focused when I freak out over the details. She smiles and says, 'what do you need, I can help....' She's been folding patterns, putting together our little giveaway treats for our booth visitors. Spoiled me with chocolate cake and lots of laughter. There's still lots to do but it feels more manageable. 
My dear friend asked what she could do for me when she's at home. At first I hesitated to give her anything to work on at home because I don't want to take advantage. But then I did find a project for her. I gave her my scribbled cutting instructions for a baby quilt I've designed using some adorable fabric from Adornit. Lynn and I totally fell in love with Adornit's fabric at last quilt market. So I was so thrilled when Janet from Adornit sent me some awesome fabric to work with. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't gotten to this project sooner and I would love to have it completed for Market. So last Friday, sitting on my doorstep was a plastic bin with the quilt cut out, ready to be sewn.... I can say I was visited by a sweet quilting fairy.
I am so blessed....
The fabric lines I'm using is called 'Sweet Daisys' , 'You & Me Blossom', 'You & Me Wordplay' and 'You & Me'
I am looking forward to sharing with you a sweet quilt shortly made with this delightful fabric. I am staying up late tonight to sew some more. My goal is to have it ready to quilt this weekend. Write the pattern up for a few testers to test and have it ready for market!  Like I said before, I wouldn't be getting things done without a little help from my friends....
Happy Quilting,


  1. I do not have a quilt fairy, but I do have a good friend that is always there if and when I need her. She doesn't quilt, but if she did I know she be doing the same things as your Quilt Angel. Wish you had time to read all the things she has done. She lives almost 200 miles away, but if I needed Charline she would be here in a few hours.

  2. Friends are the best part of quilting!!! So glad you have such a wonderful one!!!

  3. Friends are always great to have, to whatever degree they are, even if it is just an encouraging word.

  4. I forgot to mention that is adorable fabric.

  5. this fabric is adorable -wish I had a quilt fairy as in the summer, it is hard to make time for quilting with the garden, weeding and just enjoying being outside. So is really enjoyable when I can sit and sew. Pat