Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Last of the Show and Tell

Today is the last of the show and tell for the BOM 2015, I have enjoyed seeing everyone's quilts. But this is the last of the show and tell that will be eligible for the end of the 2015 BOM prizes. I will be picking winners and posting them on Monday, February 29th. I've got some fun prizes and they are listed below.

I haven't posted in a while, life is busy, not in a usual way. I have been juggling more than usual. Some of you know I work in a library during the day and 'quilt' by night (and weekends too) but since before Christmas I have been doing double duty at work. My supervisor took a fall on the ice and has been out since suffering from a head injury. I have been holding down the fort at school since. I keep hoping that she'll recover soon. We all miss her smiling face at work. So I come home at night and collapse in my chair. To add to it all, my blood pressure has spiked, really spiked so I'm on meds. ----big sigh---- This morning is one of the first mornings I actually feel good. Feel like I can conquer the world. At least my little quilt world. I didn't know I was feeling crappy until I woke up this morning feeling great! I know things will get better and I'm hopeful that my co-worker will be back soon. The kids and I really miss her. So thank you for listening...
Penny's quilt... I love the pink fabric. Here's a little note from Penny... "Loved this quilt when I saw it...still love it after sewing the blocks together...still need to sandwich and binding will be in the blue in the quilt.."

Judith's quilt, so cute! The added flower border on the top is adorable. Here's a little note from Judith..."I kinda did my own thing with the layout. This quilt makes me happy! Haven't had a chance to quilt it yet. But soon!"
Lori's quilt, I love how she fill the spaces with hearts, bows, flowers and stars. So cute and a nice way to tie some of the colors together. Here's a note from Lori... "I made this quilt with a super group of ladies. We enjoyed each others company through the year. I changed the dog block to a kitty and added some fun applique in the blank blocks."
Helen's quilt is so cute too. I love her birthday cake, it looks like chocolate! Yum!!!
Here's a sweet note from Helen... "The sewing group I belong to, was as excited as I was for the first of the month. 20 of us say "it is a very cute quilt." Thank you...Thank you!" Helen, you are very welcome... it was a fun quilt to design and I have loved seeing everyone's results.
Now onto Prizes!


 I have some wonderful prizes to give away..... A $75 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop, a batik layer cake from Hoffman Fabrics, a Bali Snap and a package of 'Stone Strips'. Leave a sweet comment for today's quilters for a chance to win too. (Remember you need to participate to win)

I also want to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in last years BOM. I had a great year watching everyone's progress. Thank you! Thank you! You can see more pictures on the Flickr Group.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Now I'm really feeling guilty that my quilt rows aren't sewn together yet, but I still haven't decided what to put in the December spots.

  2. SO happy to see your post! I kept checking back and checking back and no new postings till today. Glad you are still kicking and hope things ease up for you soon.
    What wonderful quilts the rest have shown! Penny's pink and blue was so happy looking. I loved Judith's use of rich colors. The hearts, flowers, stars, and bows added so much to Lori's quilt. I love the flip flops on Helen's quilt. Her green sewing machine is neat too!
    This was a fun fun project! I am almost done with my embroidery and then can sandwich and quilt mine up.
    Thank you again Cindy, for hosting such a fun BOM!!!

  3. I love what everyone did. I have to say I'm a bit partial to Judith's and that great flower row at the top. The simplicity of the layout really makes each block stand out ... Grats to everyone and I wish my top was done so I could have submitted something. Great job all!! It was my favorite BOM last year!!

  4. Ladies, the quilts are great! Looks like alot of love put in them!♡

  5. Everyone's quilts are so beautiful!

  6. Love all the quilts. Just stunning. It's great seeing the different ways people make the quilts, putting their own touches on them. Have my two rows for this years quilt. Working on them with two of my friends that completed the one you did two years ago. Gale at

  7. All the quilts are great! I look at them and think about how fun it must of been to make them. Quilting is just most awesome hobby! Quilt on ladies!

  8. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.netSunday, 28 February, 2016

    I always look forward to your designs and to seeing what your followers are doing with your designs.

  9. Awesome quilts - I think every one is a winner!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. I just love all of the quilts!!!!!

  11. What beautiful quilts. I am a new quilter and am always amazed at what everyone is able to accomplishment. I especially like Judith's quilt with the additional row of flowers. What inspiration. Well done!

  12. Wonderful quilts! I want to hurry and get beyond novice quilter.