Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm in Love...

While hopping around during shop hop, I bought a new product. Transfer-Eze. I've seen this around in different shops for awhile now, so I am late to the party. But this is wonderful to use if you do any embroidery and want to save time transferring a design onto your fabric. There are other uses too... Here's the description from the manufacturer....

"Description: Use MJP Designs' Transfer Eze Design Transfer Sheets to quickly and easily transfer designs for embroidery, applique, punch needle, machine and hand quilting, and more. Just photocopy your designs onto the "film" side of the product using the light(vs. dark) setting on printer/copier. Then peel the freezer paper backing away and stick the sheet directly onto your project. Stitch as usual following your printed design. When finished cut away excess then soak your project to melt the remainder away. Be sure to read and understand all directions before using this fantastic product."

When I picked this up from Quilting By the Hearth in Lonsdale, I really didn't know if I would like using it. It was a special purchase item during shop hop. It was one of those purchases I kept
wondering, why?

I took my embroidery pattern which is printed on paper and
ran in thru my printer and made a copy onto the Transfer Eze sheet.
(I forgot to use a lighter setting on my printer but it worked out fine for me)
You then peel off the backing on the Transfer Eze....
...and then stick it onto the front side of the fabric you
want to embroider on. It stays in place!
Then you embroider! My stitches are ok....
my mom and friend Coleen are expert embroiderers.
Their stitches are so even and tiny. Mine, not so much...
I'm all done stitching! Here's the fun part.... I filled a
sink with warm water and then immerse my fabric in the water.
The Transfer-Eze disappears... it's so slick!
My embroidery project, No pencil lines!
Now I'm ready to do some sewing to finish up my project!
Can't wait to show you,,, I'm working on several new designs
for you!
After trying Transfer-Eze out, I'm wondering where can I buy more!  I know I can get it at Quilting By The Hearth in Lonsdale. I have also found it online too at Create for Less. This product was such a time saver for me. Certainly worth every penny! I'm working against some big deadlines getting ready for Fall Market and Transfer~Eze was a huge time saver! So when you are working under the gun with a project and have stuff to trace, (or  maybe don't like tracing) give this product a try. It's wonderful!

Happy quilting,

Here's my disclaimer.... I was not paid, do not wish to get paid, have not gotten paid by Transfer Eze or any other company related to Transfer Eze. I just really, really, really love this stuff and want to share my experience with you! Hope you have a wonderful, quilty day!


  1. It looks like something I'd like. Thanks for showing how it works!

  2. I just checked out Amazon.... and you can get Transfer Eze there. Looks fantastic...

  3. I just checked out Amazon.... and you can get Transfer Eze there. Looks fantastic...

  4. Love this stuff!!! Really makes doing Sashiko ever so easy as well!!! I was introduced to it about 4 years really is completely amazing!!!

  5. I have my local quilt shop order it for me when she places her order at Checker. I found this while on a sewing guild bus trip in southern Minnesota, and wasn't sure what I would use it for, but now am on my 3rd Crabapple Hill pattern and I agree, it is worth every penny. Jean Russum

  6. Great info,
    thank you for sharing.

  7. I haven't tried anything like this yet. I do have a Christmas pattern printed on another product from Sulky called Sticky works the same way and I got it from Bird Brain Designs. I hope to start that project soon. Missouri Star Quilt Company also sells the Transfer Eze in different sizes.

  8. Bird Brain Designs is a huge advocate of this product. I recommended it to a friend who is stitching on an antique, nubby linen and it works like a dream even on the nubby fabric!

  9. Definitely a great product, especially for stitching. We've carried it for a while now. It comes in the regular 8.5x11 size in packs of 10 sheets or 30. There's also a longer size 8.5x 14 if you have a printer that can handle the longer paper size. They even have a 12 count package of 5x7 sheets now for those smaller projects. It is definitely better to use the draft mode, or whatever your printer calls it when it uses less ink. Also, cutting away the areas where there is no print before peeling it off the backing paper reduces the amount of product that has to dissolve. Sometimes we use those cut away pieces for small projects and trace the design onto them by hand with a wash out marker.

    There's another product called Fabri-Solvy. It works the same way but is less expensive. However, I have had a couple of my ladies who used this product tell me that they thought it was thicker than Transfer Eze and didn't like it quite as much. Regardless of which product you use, the benefit is more stitching time and less tracing time. That's a big plus for those designs that require a lot of drawing off.

  10. Well Cindy A pretty much said what I was going to. Except I like both products

  11. I've used a similar product called Fabri-Solvy and as Cindy mentioned, I found it quite thick which made embroidering more difficult and not as relaxing for me. I'll look for the Transfer-Eze and see if I like it better.

    I love the embroideries you made while trying it out.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for adding the party button to your post! Hugs!