Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Night with Friends

So I spent Friday Night with Friends a couple of different ways.... virtual online with all of you and at quilt retreat. Welcome!

I'm almost always productive at quilt retreat, there are few distractions. Unlike at home where I can get sidetracked by a chocolate chip cookie. (Sorta like the If you give a mouse a cookie book...) If I find a cookie, then I will need a comfy chair to sit in.... if I sit in the comfy chair, then I will need to turn on TV. If I turn on TV, then I'm looking for Tom Selleck on instant view.... well it's all over if I find Tom Selleck. And chances are if I find Tom Selleck, I've grabbed another cookie....

Like I said, there are few distractions at retreat, I've been at Cozy Home since Thursday night so this was my first full day at retreat. And I didn't get a dang thing done.... not a dang thing....I was way to wiped out from shop hopping. I got my space set up, answered a few emails and went to bed at one am. I would love to say that Friday was so much better.... not so much. It was hard to get into the swing of things. It took me half the morning organizing what I was going to work on. Then my poor sis is sick. I feel so bad for her, so I took her to the clinic to get checked out. She has a full blown sinus infection. I'm hoping she feels better today. I did get some sewing done last night...Let me share with you what I have gotten done.... of coarse I picked the putz-eeee-est thing to work on. My Civil War Quilt....
Had fun Minnesota shop hopping with these two ladies..
My sister, Laura and my mom... tons of fun!
'Declaration of War'
'The Noble Third'
I started the 'Ladies Aid Society'
I enjoyed sewing not only with all my retreat friends but also knowing I was sewing along with all of my web friends too. I look forward to seeing everyone's else's projects. Have a great Saturday, I'm off to do some more sewing.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and cute blocks, such little pieces.

  2. a very pretty block, hope you have lots of fun

  3. It was nice having your company too...xox

  4. Hello Cindy,

    Hope the rest of the retreat went well, gosh those pieces of fabric are tiny but oh so cute.

    Happy days.