Friday, July 24, 2015

A Cup of Coffee and a Jelly Roll

I love the videos from Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company some awesome quilt ideas. I love her videos.... I have decided on doing the Jelly Roll Race II quilt. It has little 2 1/2" squares in between the strips. A really cute twist on the jelly roll race quilt. Now that I have had several cups of coffee,  I am ready to sew away! A couple of gals one year at retreat had a jelly roll race, it was fun to watch them sew along. This should sew up in no time.... I want to say I should have it done in an hour.

I have gotten over that the jelly roll has pink, I love the color combo so  much that sometimes you just need to sew with happy colors. Color therapy is a wonderful thing... it brightens your day and is good for your soul. Sewing is my happy place.... I have also decided since 'George' has a new belt I will sew with him to see how he sews. I'm sure it's been a long time since he's made a project. This will be a good quilt to put him thru the paces.

I Love this color combo...

For this jelly roll race pattern you keep all the fabric strips
in the order that they are in their jelly roll. I unrolled it and layed
it down by my machine. I cut a bunch of white 2 1/2" squares.
You then chain sew a 2 1/2" square to an end of each strip. 
Keeping your strips in order.... sew the strips end to end.
There will be a 2 1/2" white square in between each strip.
Holey Hannah I have a pile of strips... wonder how tangled it is.... 
Then you start sewing, remember to cut  18" off one of the ends. I eyeballed this...
fold the 20 zillion mile strip in half lengthwise and start sewing...
and sewing.... sewing...... still sewing...
Then you fold and sew some more....
and fold and sew again.....
 keep folding and
sewing until it's a nice dimension for a quilt. sewing..... 
It's pretty isn't it... not as pink as I thought, there's enough of the other
colors to balance it out. It's not quilted yet, I couldn't wait to show it
to you. I probably didn't cut the 18" right since some of my white squares are
'touching'. But I still love it, has a modern charm about it. Planned, but not really.
This quilt took me a lot longer than an hour or so. I did get it sewn in a
day... but it was several hours. George did a good job sewing away. He sews fast
but not as freaky fast as Lucy or Ethel. There was something so basic and fundamental about sewing with George, it was soothing to use this vintage machine. As I sewed away I wondered how many
memories this machine held. How many overalls did it mend, how many Sunday dresses did it make. Did any young ladies learn how to sew with this machine. Did she fall in love with sewing too, like I did when I was introduced to mom's green machine back in the 70's.

The Jelly Roll II quilt is a fun quilt to make. I don't think I would race anyone with this pattern, but it's a great pattern to whip up a quilt out of a jelly roll. I'll make this pattern again. I'm debating over a border. I may just quilt and bind it. Use flannel for the backing...

Happy quilting,


  1. Glad to see you switched from that glass of wine to a cup of coffee! Love your jelly roll quilt!
    I don't think quilting should be a race: if if took you more than an hour, so what? 'Did you have fun sewing it?' is what I'm more interested in!
    I checked out the videos you linked to in your previous post and am thinking of doing a Jelly Roll Race II, with the squares, like yours. Could you tell us what the finished size of your quilt top is? Thank you.

  2. Flannel back....bind it....and enjoy a quick finish!

  3. It came out great. I also love Jenny's use of precuts, help to quilt things faster.

  4. I enjoy watching Jenny's videos as well! It's amazing she post a new project each week! I love the colors in the jelly roll & the quilt turned out awesome! I've not Made a jelly roll quilt but my Mom & sister have.

  5. I've done a couple of those and love the concept. That is such a pretty finish.

  6. Did you layer with batting in the middle?