Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm So Clever....

It's more like, I'd like to think I'm so darn clever. While running around on errands today I found a great deal at OfficeMax. While standing in line, (there's always a line when you want to just go home) I spotted a letter holder on sale for dirt cheap. I kept thinking, I really don't need a letter holder. What in heavens name would I do with it.... no one writes letters anymore... I don't want to put my bills on display.... hummmm 

But it's a pretty pink and it has flowers all over it. I love
the color, the flowers are fabulous...
It was screaming 'Cindy's!' and then it dawned on
me what I could use it for...
A ruler holder!
O-M-G, it's awesome!
I just love using items in unexpected ways. Like my tea cup bird feeder and library card catalog for fat quarters. My new letter holder is perfect for the rulers that I have scattered all over my studio... hopefully it will help me stay more organized. 
No more lost rulers or squares.

Happy quilting!


  1. That is just about the cutest letter/ruler holder I've ever seen!

  2. Very clever of you. "Seeing Something with Different Eyes" is what my Grandma would do and taught me to do. June JOY...

  3. Awesome! I have one of these I've been trying to figure out I know!

  4. What a great idea and I adore the flowers! My brother is a wood worker and sent me five for Christmas one year. He asked me to share them with my quilting buddesses. I gave one to each of two friends. One of the two asked for a second one. So, I ended up with two of the five. I'd love to have more. He vends pens/pencils at craft fairs and hasn't taken the time to make me any more. I guess I'll have to put them on this year's Christmas list. Great find!

  5. Love this idea, and where do I see your post about Library card catalog of fat quarters?????? Thank you for all your freebies, hints and ideas .