Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quilt Market Set Up

Good Morning Doodle Peeps!!!

This is Cindy's Sister, Laura.. or The Fuzzy Hat Quilter...
I am helping Cindy with her Quilt Market Adventure..
in turn I've commandeered her blog
 this morning while she's crazily running around getting ready to leave..
 *evil laughter*
I'm super excited to be helping her with this & I've got the paper cuts to prove it. 

She packed her truck to the brim yesterday ...
Good thing I had to work at the bakery because I'm not sure there would have been room~
even for me .. her favorite little sister ;)

She's on her way.. 

Oh how I LOVE the Minneapolis skyline.. 

...Have I told you how excited I am for her?? 

My lovely sister with all her

This is the view of one of the aisle.... before anyone really showed up....

There is a sweet little park next to the event center.. 
This is going to be a good place to come and decompress..

Cindy & Lynn (the other sweet gal helping)

Here are pictures of the set up yesterday.. 

I love the 'my favorite things' quilt.. 
You know it's her 2015 BOM

Make sure you stop back soon.. 
I'm sure Cindy (or I) will have updates on how Market is going.. 
Make sure you follow Quiltdoodledesigns on Instagram for 
behind the scenes happenings.


  1. Good Luck, I know you will do well. I want to see the finished setup.
    Blessings And be safe

  2. Cindy's booth looks great!! Can't wait to see more.....good luck!

  3. Such a beautiful booth.Have fun!

  4. It was fun to see the behind the scenes of Quilt Market! Enjoyed the trip there & setup! Thanks Laura.