Friday, April 17, 2015

Square in a Square Block...

This is gonna be sorta a long blog posting when it comes to pictures so let me apologize first off for the l--o--n--g posting. It will be worth it in the end. I'm posting this early but based on the picture I'm sure you have figured out there will be a square in a square block. And if you have downloaded the write up I have available for borders and sashing, you have the directions to make this section of the quilt. The great news is, you can work on this part of the quilt anytime. Now or later, whatever you choose. You can make it scrappy or follow the two color scheme (red and blue) like I have done. It's your quilt, so have fun! The directions for the BOM 2015 cutting instructions and quilt layout can be found for FREE on my website and also on Craftsy.  It's not too soon to work on this section, that way you won't have a ton to do in December. (Especially if you want to have time to quilt it and have it finished in time for Christmas.)

Out of your background fabric, cut 82 - 5 1/2 " squares.
Cut 204 Blue 3" sqaures
Cut 124 red 3" squares
Step 1- line up 3” square on 5 ½” square lining it up right sides together in the corner. 

Sew corner to corner on the 3” square

Then do the same on the opposite corner.
Steps 3 & 4- repeat step 1 on one of the remaining corners.
(Here I'm sewing the squares on one corner)
Then the opposite corner.
Press. Square the block up to measure 5 ½” square.
Block A in the directions have blue on all four corners.
I spent the afternoon chain sewing my square in a square blocks.
I continued to sew my blocks following the directions for Block B

Here you can clearly see I am constructing a square in a
square block using the red and blue 3" squares.
This is what block B looks like when finished.
The BOM 2015 uses 20 of Block A (all blue)  and
62 of Block B (red and blue)

The directions for the BOM 2015 also has the quilt layout for the quilt and as you get blocks done you can start to piece sections together. Then remember to post your finished sections on the flickr group for the BOM 2015.

I hope you are having fun sewing along with me!

Happy Quilting,

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