Monday, May 13, 2013

Twin Cities Shop Hop

A couple of weeks ago and I involved in the Twin Cities Shop Hop! It was so much fun, I got to spend the day at The Bear Patch Quilt Co. in White Bear Lake. It was hard to know what to bring so I brought all of my newer items along with a few customer favorites! I had no problems filling up the space that Debbie and her staff had set up for me. Now if the weather would have just been a little nicer! (It was snowing on and off all day!) I blamed it on the snowman samples that I had on display.
Here is the Quilters Map showing the participants...some hoppers  split the hop into two days, but I did meet some hoppers that did it all in one day!

This lovely quilt was being raffled off by a local quilt guild... it was beautiful.

Here I am, sitting among my samples.... the day went by so fast!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say 'hi'. I enjoyed meeting
all of you! 
Here is Bear Patch's  Twin Cities Shop Hop Quilt....

This adorable display piece at the shop reminded me of  Wilson!
The next time you are in the Twin Cities, take some time to visit these wonderful shops. You don't need a shop hop to visit them all in a day. Just grab a girlfriend or two and do a shop hop of your own!

Happy Quilting!

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