Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Fling

Starting tomorrow is the Spring Fling Block Hop.... hosted by Soma at Whims and Fancies. 16 designers, 16 paper pieced blocks to make a beautiful springtime quilt. The blocks measure 10" x 10".  Let's celebrate springtime! I will be presenting my block on April 12th. It's time to dig through your stash and find some springtime fabric and colors to work on these wonderful blocks. Let's have some fun!

The Designers -

1. 04/01 Teri Emerson, handiwerx
2.  04/02 Barbara Cain, B’s Modern Quilting
3.  04/03 Ruth Davis, Ruthie quilts! And quilts…
4.  04/05 Marissa Nichols, MKissa Creations
5.  04/08 Cyrille, Bubblestitch Quilts
6.  04/09 Gaya, Le borse di Gaya
7.  04/10 Vicki Ruebel, Quilting Lodge
8.  04/11 Lilja Björk,
9.  04/12 Cindy, Quilt Doodle Designs
10. 04/15 Jennifer Ofenstein, Sewhooked
11.  04/16 Caroline, Trillium Design
12. 04/17 Sandy in Buenos Aires, Peek a Boo !
13. 04/18 Lynn Provencher, Thimblemouse & Spouse
14. 04/19 Jessica, Plum Patchwork
15. 04/22 Aalia,  Joy Of Stitches
16. 04/23 Michele Foster, Quilting Gallery
17. 04/24 Amy Gay, ButterflyAngels Quilts
18. 04/25 Soma Acharya, Whims And Fancies
19. 04/26 Michelle Thompson, misha29
20. 04/29 Regina Grewe, Textile Landscapes


  1. Sounds like a plan to me...see you then.

  2. Okay, did I miss something? There hasn't been a post on MKissa Creations since January...

  3. Okay, did I miss something? MKissa Creations hasn't had a post since January...

  4. I've updated the list of designers.... my original list was not correct. I do believe I have the correct list now! So happy hopping! and quilting!