Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quilt Retreat....

It will be fun to see how
 much Tessa has grown.
Getting ready for quilt retreat is like packing for camp.  You feel like you need to have everything along but there isn't room in the car for it all!  I'm not real sure what I will be in the 'mood' to work on... Packing what to wear is easy... just like camping... yoga pants, t-shirt , flippity floppies. Don't need to dress to impress.  My friends think I'm beautiful no matter how frumpled I may look. Besides, by the end of retreat I am a big ol' walking thread and lint ball anyway!  More importantly, what projects should I pack? Here is a project list, I will be packing these projects.  I just don't know what I'll be in the mood to work on! It will be fun to see what I actually get done...

Takes Two quilt fabric and patterns (I'm so hopelessly behind!)
Building Houses project (months behind....)
Garden Party Blog Hop patterns (I have about 6-8 blocks done)
Civil War Diary Quilt (4 rows done out of 11)
Mock up pattern for un-named quilt using Marcus Brothers Fabrics
redwork designs for quilt
paper to draw out more designs
fabric for the sashing for above redwork quilt
'Laundry Day' quilt to make out of 'Breezy FQ bundle'
'Laundry Day' quilt to quilt
baby flannel for receiving blankets and burp pads
FQB of baby fabric for quilt
Quilt Doodle BOM 2013 blocks and sashing material

This Amy Bradley Design reminds me of
Mom Laura and I at retreat....

I also need to run to the quilt shop and pick up those items I may need or run out of! Thread, needles, batting etc. Mountain Dew.... I will need tons of Mountain Dew to keep me awake....   Of coarse my quilting family will come to my rescue if I need anything. But I really try to have everything on hand. Once I left my notions basket at home, this has EVERYTHING in it.... I sent a frantic text to my  husband..... my dear, sweet hubby made a special trip from home and dropped it off. (I live 1 1/2 hours away from retreat) Luckily he understands the importance of having everything. My friends covered me until his arrival. I'm such a lucky girl....a four day weekend to relax and quilt...

Happy quilting!

My ETSY shop now has INSTANT downloads, so more waiting!


  1. Have fun!!!!
    I went to my first one last month and I don't know how I got everything packed:) At least there were 2 quilt shops within 20 min of the bunkhouse:)