Sunday, March 24, 2013

FNSI Result

I did some tracing for embroidery....

My pretty Infinity Scarf...

Good morning! I know it's Sunday,but time has gotten away from me again! I traced a design for some more embroidery, I have been so inspired by the Stitch Me Up Embroidery Blog Hop. I get to present my fun projects on Wednesday. I hope you have a chance to stop back.  I also make a really cute Spring Infinity Scarf.  I found a great tutorial  here..... I would be post a tutorial of my own my but my camera batteries died while I was sewing. I took a final photo of the finished project with my phone. I used some pretty fabric from Hoffman Fabrics. (I received a box full of fun fabric to work with!) I hope everyone had a fun FNSI!

Happy quilting,


  1. Hi!!! Love your scarf!!! I will be back to see your Stitch it Up!!!!

  2. Thats a very pretty scarf..

  3. Your scarf looks pretty nice.It`s in my to do list!