Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Plans for FNSI

Fabric for a quilt for Katie! I love the colors!
 I am looking forward to FNSI and do I have some big plans!  My FNSI will spill over into Saturday! Sounds like fun doesn't it!

So here's my plan.... on my way home from work I need to stop at the store and stock up on caffeine.... pick up some yummy snacks and pick up some batting.  When I get home I'm going to throw a pizza in the oven for my family, then I'm going to lock myself in my sewing room to sew binding on a Christmas quilt. (I'll make sure to grab Wilson before I shut the door!) I'm going to cut fabric for Katie's quilt (shhhhhhh it's a gift...) After that, I'm going to turn my upstairs into a mini quilt retreat for Saturday.

Love this pattern! I got it from Missouri Quilt Company.
  My calendar has been circled for about 6 weeks now with "Quilt with Lynn" in bright red ink! I can't wait, a full day of fun with my best friend! I've know Lynn since high school! We've celebrated 'up's' together and held each other up during 'down's'. She's my fifth sister. When our kids were small, we would get together for tea and crafting days, zoo visits, trips to Mc Donalds, then our kids started to dictate and change our calendars with sports, music, band etc. Our lives got crazy! Now our babies are 18... our calendars are freeing up again. With mixed feelings I have free evenings and weekends again. But this Saturday is a mini quilt retreat with Lynn! We both have lists of things to do. I'm looking forward to seeing her projects. 
The building continues, and also some landscaping...

So here is my To-do list

Cut out Katie's Quilt
Make Katie's Quilt
4 mug rugs for mom
1 mug rug for trunk show
bind Christmas Quilt
Pin 'Missouri' Quilt
House blocks
tree blocks
2 charm square scarves

My list is sorta big... but Christmas is coming and I have big plans.

Happy quilting!


  1. It sounds like you have a great time planned. My local quilt shop has "pizza and sewing" 2 Friday nights a month. It's all the pizza and sewing you can squeeze in from 4:30 p.m. until as late as you want to stay. Can you guess where I'm going to be? There's nothing like sewing with friends.

  2. We are sewing the top for a prayer quilt at my church tonight. Have fun!

  3. Wow! That sounds great! So many projects... Good luck!

  4. It's nice to have a friend who you can have special sewing days. I do hope you had fun and achieved everything on your list. Happy sewing weekend!