Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2.... I'm Still A Slacker....

Here I am, day 2.... still a slacker.  It's 10:40 and I've managed to still be in my jammies, drinking my second cup of coffee.  Oh my it's almost lunch-time.  Hubby is off to work, Wilson is sitting under my chair and teenager is still asleep.  Another peaceful morning. I never did make it to my studio yesterday.... got caught up with the laundry, and then decided to wash bedding etc.... one thing led to another.  Late yesterday, when I was ready to go and sew the phone rang.... that darn phone rang.... it was the greenhouse.  I was scheduled to work... holey crap-o-la, I've never been late to work let alone miss going! So I got my exercise running around like a crazy woman looking for keys, shoes, where's my t-shirt.... one of those proud moments.

So today is officially my first real day off... I've checked the calendar about 50 times this morning. Only thing on the list is dinner with in-laws.  They are usually fashionably late.  I officially have 6 hours until their arrival. Time to spruce up the house... and sew. While drinking my first cup of coffee I found out that the Traveling Stash will be coming to my home.  I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait!!!! It's like being able to peek into a treasure chest! I will try not to stalk the postman the next week or so, I can't wait until it arrives.  I will be sure to pack it with some treasures too!  I will take pictures and post all about it when it arrives!

I also signed up for the Think Christmas Blog Hop hosted by The Cuddler Quilter.  I will post more about it in a day or two.  It is going to be a busy month or two!  So many fun quilty things on my to do list!  Time to get dressed and start the day!

Happy quilting!

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