Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Love Sock Monkeys!

Isn't it cute!
 I am in love with sock monkeys.  They remind me of my childhood.   I never had one, always wanted one.  My childhood friend, Leslie, had three of them.  A little family... so cute....
so, I'm making  a sock monkey.  Not a family of sock monkeys, but a goofy one for  a member of my family.  Shhhhhhhhhh, it's a Christmas gift. The rage seems to be these character ski hats, I'm sure you have seen them, zebras, koalas, pandas on the kid's heads lately.  Well I found a sock monkey ski hat!  A hat!!! It's sooooo cute! I found the pattern from Sandys Cape Cod Originals. She has an Etsy store too. The hats are sooo darn cute. I'm in love with the Santa hat too!  In fact I've ordered that also.  Do you think I'll get one done for Christmas?
Isn't this hat just adorable!  The pattern includes infant to adult sizes... so much fun to wear while playing in the snow!
This  FNSI I might just be working on one of these projects!  I know, another project started.... I really must get back to my Civil War Quilt.....   I also want to make some snowman mug mats, have to finish quilting two quilts, pin a third and fourth quilt.... it's almost Christmas. That insane time of year where I think I'm super mom.  I'm sleep deprived and really think that I am sprinkled with Santa's magic glitter.

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