Saturday, October 22, 2011


I had fun quilting the flowers along the border!  All I need to do now is bind it.

My scrappy postage stamp quilt....
Wow, what a nice weekend of sewing, although I had a few frustrating moments with Ethel (my older sewing machine)  Ethel quilts beautifully and I spent FNSI pinning and quilting my scrappy squares quilt.  But Ethel got tired about halfway through.  (about 7:00 pm) She didn't want to wind bobbins.  Got a bobbin stuck on the 'pin' while winding.... spent way too much time trying to pry a bobbin off the bobbin winder.  Ethel was stubborn.... very stubborn, didn't want to let go!  Then I actually broke a bobbin.  Have you ever broken a bobbin before?  Ran out of thread, thank you mom for the spool of white thread.  I was determined and Ethel did stay up late with me and finished quilting my postage stamp quilt.  I love it, quilty flowers all over.  Had a wonderful weekend quilting with my mom, sisters and nieces.  I'm so impressed with the beautiful pillows that Katie, Cassi and Kylie made for their rooms.  They had some wonderful fabric squares from Moda and some matching Minkie plush fur for the backs.  Sooooo adorable!  It was fun to visit with my sisters Gena and Laura and spend some time with them.  Mom had everything set up so nice for us, we each had our own sewing station.  It was just like old times getting up early and having coffee with dad while he worked the crossword puzzle.  Mom spoiled us with a chicken artichoke pasta bake for lunch and spagetti dinner last night.  Yummmmy.... sometimes there's just no place like home.

 'Lucy' and 'Ethel' are smiling for the picture...


  1. Love the flowers & the quilt! Sorry you had troubles with Ethel. Glad you two made up! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend of family and fun! Now I want to visit my parents! ;o) Love your fun postage stamp quilt. Found you via the FNSI link. Nice to *meet* you. Gonna follow. :o)
    P.S. LOVE Wilson! I have a blog mascot, too. :o)

  3. This is a wonderful refreshing happy quilt. Thank you for sharing it with us. When I will have time perhaps will get the pattern . Keep up the good work . WIth smiles and regards.x

  4. Is it simple enough to change the size to a lap or a crib size. I really like this quilt and guess what...I have plenty of scraps!

  5. I'd love to see a photo of the whole quilt. It looks very fun to make.

  6. I'd love to see a photo of the whole quilt. It looks easy and fun to make, for sure!

  7. I'd love to see a photo of the whole quilt. It looks very fun to make.

  8. I purchased this pattern a few years ago and just got it out to make my quilt. However, I do not see the chart that is referred to in the directions. Am I missing something?

    1. Please email me 'details' so I can figure out what you need. cindy at quiltdoodledesigns dot com