Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lincoln's Telegraph, January 10, 1864

"If there is any religious community in your district who adjure the principle of War for conscientious motive, give them an indefinite Parole if any of them should be drafted."  Abraham Lincoln

This weeks block from the Civil War Diary Quilt Book is called Lincoln's Telegraph. It was a fun block to work on this week. I was so excited to be able to use the 'Lincoln' fabric I had received from Rosemary Youngs. Thank you, Rosemary! I love it! If you are unable to find the Lincoln portrait fabric, I would recommend downloading a picture from online and printing it onto the fabric you run through your ink-jet printer.

Here is the fabric that I choose for this block, I picked out a red/navy print to go with the 'President Lincoln' fabric that I received from Rosemary.

I printed up the foundation paper using the companion CD using EQ5.  I wrote the fabric colors in each of the sections.

The block is broken down into 5 different sections.

I held the fabric and foundation paper up to a light so that I could center President Lincoln's portrait in the center block.

I find it easier to paper piece if I have my fabric cut into strips.

Sewing on the lines, remember to sew a 1/4" past the draw line.

The center section is done, but not trimmed up.

I like to use my ruler and rotary cutter to trim up the 1/4" seams around each block.

The five sections are all trimmed up and ready to be pieced together.

Sewing the sections together on the 1/4" seam, remember to line up all seams before you start to sew.

"Lincoln's Telegraph,  January 10, 1864"

This is the last quilt block from Eldress Nancy Elly Moore's chapter.  It's time to move onto the next chapter of 'The Civil War Diary Quilt' book, Hannah Walton Sanders.  Next time I will work on the block named 'Rememberances'.  If you have any questions or comments on the block, feel free to email me.

Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr

Happy quilting!

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  1. I really liked this block when I made it last year. I didn't have the Lincoln fabric so I located a photo on the Internet of him dating the year he started serving as president. Then I printed a copy of it off onto a Printed Treasures fabric printer sheet. It worked like a charm! My block posted on the Flickr group you mentioned I think.

    Donna K. from N. TX @
    “My soul is fed with needle and thread, my body with chocolate.”