Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quilting off the calories

As I sit here eating my iced gingerbread cookies like popcorn I wonder if I can quilt off the calories.... hummmmmmmmmm how many hours do I need to quilt to work off all of the goodies I've consumed over the last few days.  So I google quilting, calories to work off etc.  None of the calorie calculators include quilting or even anything that remotely compares.  But I have decided that 'playing cards' comes close.  (Yes you can calculate calories burned for playing cards) I think it's a close comparison, sitting....

So one hour of quilting, at my current weight, will burn off approximately 140.39999999999999 (yes, the point 399999999999 counts, I need all the help I can get) Well that's about 4 gingerbread cookies... I guess I will grab my bottle of water, I have about 4 hours worth of cookies to work off.  I can't even fathom how long I would have to work out for the last few days... 

Happy Holidays!

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