Sunday, November 21, 2010

A new blog...

Hello fellow quilters.... as a new pattern designer I am finding it hard to market my great patterns and juggle my home life at the same time.  Where to go and what to do... there are millions of talented women at home, hiding away, quietly working on their projects and raising their families.  Many of us are juggling what feels like a million tasks every minute of every day.  I am going to use this blog to document my struggles and victories of Quilt Doodles, share ideas, projects etc.... I hope that in doing so I will be blessed with your encouragement and suggestions to get this home based business off the ground.  My task today is to finish some embroidered snowman squares for a client, trace out my new designs for quilt doodles and start my new samples for patterns.  Oh wait, Christmas is right around the corner too!  I have Christmas tea towels to make too!  There was an overnight ice storm here in Minnesota, so that may nix my trip to the fabric shop for more fabric.  As you can see, a ton to do and not enough day to do it!  Tune in tomorrow to see how successful I was.... What are you doing today?

How to make a label for your quilt...

Easy to do!

Here's a really cute quilt label that 's easy to make!  I used left over fabric from the quilts I helped my nieces make.  I ironed the light blue fabric onto a square of fusible transfer web.  I did not worry about size at this point just wanted it big enough for me to embroider what I wanted to say.  Used my handy dandy embroidery font on my machine, stitched my message and then trimmed it up.  If you don't have an embroidery option on your sewing machine you can use a fine tip permanent marker and write your message.  Iron this onto a contrasting fabric which is  a couple of inches larger than your message piece, iron it on.  I did a blanket stitch around the edge of the light blue fabric, by machine of coarse!  Fold over a 1/4 seam around the edges, iron.  Your label is now ready to stitch onto the back of your quilt!

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