Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Quilter's Chatelaine... a must have

A quilter's Chatelaine is a must have for anyone who sews.  I'm sure you have the same problem as I have... your scissors grow legs and walk away, never to be found again.  My scissors have been found in the garage after cutting insulation, laundry room after cutting wire, the list goes on and on.  My boys will not touch the scissors when they are attached to a 'girlie' necklace.  This clearly states, "These are mom's scissors, leave them alone!"  The Chatelaine pattern here is based from Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel.  She inspired me to start quilting when I was 19 years old.  I shall not reveal my age.  But if you remember watching Georgia Bonesteel's Lap Quilting on PBS, then you will have a good idea.  I glammed the pattern up using beads and batik fabrics...so here are my revised directions on making a Chatelaine based on Georgia's original... The pocket holds thread, needles, small patterns, and buttons.  Everything that  you will need to do a little hand sewing in front of the TV.

“Quilter’s Chatelaine”
Always know where your scissors are…

Fabric Requirements and Supplies

2 10” squares of batik fabric
2 4 ½” squares of contrasting batik fabric
1 yard tiger wire to string beads
toggle jewelry clasp
3 oz package glass seed beads (or beads of your choice)
2 crimp beads
¼” silver jump ring
needle nose jewelry pliers
thread to match fabric
Let’s get started!                        ¼” seams throughout

Fold each 10” square in half with rights side  together.  Sew each end.
 (diagram A)
Pull the rectangle open and match seams up and sew, leaving a 2” opening towards
 the center.  (diagram B)  Turn right side out, iron. 
Diagram A

Diagram B
 Match the two squares, seamless sides together.  Find the ‘midpoint’ of each side.  Connect these points.  Draw a square within a square with a pencil.  Sew on three of the marked square sides the two squares together in a ‘U’.  Place the 4 q/w” square of contrasting fabric on each side of the square, lining up the marked and now sewn lines. (Diagram D) On each side fold down the triangles over the contrasting fabric connect the tips (Diagram E) Turn the bias edge back revealing the contrasting square, slip stitch the curves in place. (Diagram F)

Diagram D

Diagram E

Diagram F
Sew silver Jump ring onto upper corner on the pocket.  Thread tiger wire
through the seed bead and secure with crimp bead.  Start beading until
strand of beads reaches approximately 27” string on toggle ‘loop’ string
beads for additional 6” string on crimp bead and toggle ‘bar’.  Secure
end.  Enjoy!

This is a nice pattern to use up extra scraps of fabric that I know we all have in
our sewing rooms.  A Quilter's Chatelaine would make a nice sock stuffer for the
seamstress in your life....

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  1. Thanks for this. I have that book and couldn't quite visualize how this little project worked but your post makes it clear. The beads are a nice idea. Beatiful work!