Thursday, June 7, 2018

Farm Delivery Table Runner

I just got back a couple weeks ago from spring market in Portland. It was so much fun! (I'll have to gather all my pictures and share them with you!)I had several new items that I showed at Market... One of my new patterns that I had on display was my new Farm Delivery applique pattern. It features a cow arriving on the farm and a hound dog chasing the farm truck with a big 'welcome'! I enjoyed drawing this design up and have been having fun with it. Did you know you can do more with my applique designs then just tea towels? I know many of my designs are shown on a tea towel almost all of the time when I stitch them up. But these designs can be used in different ways. Last November I showed my 100 Blocks snowman block done on a table runner. The basic pattern for that table runner is available as a free download on my website. Well, using that basic  pattern, I made an adorable Farm Delivery table runner. I really like how versatile this table runner pattern is... I love the 12" plain block to feature any applique design in. I love that I can switch up the fabrics and have a totally different look for a different occasion. 

For this table runner I used scraps from my scrap basket and found the perfect fabrics for the applique design. For the table runner I used my Bonnie and Camille fabric that was left over from my Sunflower Fields quilt I made for market.

Here I am sewing on a scrappy binding that I made out of all my little bits that were left over from the big quilt. 

It's not often that I actually use any of my creations. Many of my items end up in the trunk show to never be used since I can't risk getting them stained or mucked up. But I actually made this runner with the thought that after market, it is mine. All mine.... I am just so in love with the colors of this fabric collection.

You can see how I just did a meander for the background quilting.

In the plain square blocks, I quilted a sweet little flower. I'm very pleased with the results.

It just tickles me pink knowing I was able to whip this project up with just bits and pieces I had left over from other projects! This design can also be done with wool for you wool workers out there. I think is would be adorable! I haven't done any quilting since coming back from market, so this afternoon Belvedere and I will spend the afternoon in the studio. I have a project I'm working on for the 4th of July, it'll be here before we know it! I'm looking forward to showing it to you when I'm done. Belvedere's all excited because it features a sweet little basset hound.

Have a wonderful day!
Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere

Free Table Runner Pattern can be found

PDF Copy 'Farm Delivery'  $4.00


  1. Love the pattern, it is darling!

  2. That is so cute! The table runner is great looking, too. Your cow fabric - wow, just perfect!