Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bed for New Puppy...

Since the loss of our sweet Wilson last winter, the house has been not quite the same. I miss our goofy boy and Maddie could use a companion too. Although I know that we can't replace Wilson, our family has gotten used to being a two dog family.  We miss juggling two dogs for our morning walks. I miss Wilson talking to me like Scooby doo when he needed something. Our home just isn't quite the same. So.....we have decided to get a new puppy and have been on a waiting list for a basset hound since April. Our family has been waiting patiently for a new puppy to join our family. I've become a bit of a stalker with the breeders website... looking for birth announcements and pictures. We hope to be able to pick out our newest family member in a couple of weeks and a new four legged friend will join our family mid August. I feel like an expectant mommy and have been thinking about our new little puppy constantly. To pass the time I've been buying basset hound memorabilia, I have a new basset hound mommy mug, a couple sets of salt and pepper shakers and even a cookie jar. My husband just smiles. Oh yeah, hubby got a basset hound themed t-shirt for his birthday. We've even picked out names.... Belvedere, being at the top of the name list. My hubby likes the idea of yelling...." Belvedere... come here boy...." Remember the looney toons cartoon.... Why a basset hound? Well, my hubby has always been fond of them and it's his turn to choose since I picked out (rescued) the last two family dogs. Basset Hounds are adorable with their floppy ears and wrinkles. I am charmed by their long ears, sad eyes and wrinkles... this is going to be one spoiled rotten puppy. (Or well loved...)

To pass the time I even made a doggy bed for the new puppy. It was super easy to do and it turned out adorable! All it took was an old pillow, a charm pack and a couple of accent fabrics... and just a free afternoon. I put a spin on a burrito pillowcase to make the dog bed.

This is the perfect fabric charm pack for my
pillowcase - dog bed...

These are my accent colors... the dark is the trim and the
light color is the cuff...

Sew the 5" charm pack squares together, remember to mix the fabrics up a bit...

I made a 5 square by 8 square rectangle...

Lay the 1/3 yard cuff fabric out right side up.
Then lay a 2" strip wof (folded in half and ironed) on top...

Lay your rectangle sheet on top right sides and 'long' side together.
Pin in place....

Trim excess cuff and trim fabric....

Tightly roll up the body of the pillowcase.
(Pieced rectangle)

Fold the cuff up around the rolled up 'body' and pin in place
matching up the edge.

Sew a 1/4" seam.... 

Turn your pillowcase inside out...


With wrong sides together sew the side and bottom seam
of the pillowcase.

Turn inside out and then sew a 3/8" seam along the side
and bottom of pillowcase. Turn right side out, iron.
You're done!!!

"This isn't quite big enough for me... are you making another one?"

The perfect little dog bed... waiting for a perfect little puppy...
Its a great way to repurpose an old pillowcase and this way the pillow and doggie themed pillowcase are washable. It is a puppy after all. A sweet little hound dog... 

A pdf copy of this adorable pet bed, pillowcase can be found in my Etsy shop and also in my Craftsy shop. This is a great project for a beginner or young quilter. A really fun project for the experienced quilter too! Now I'm off to check the breeder's website and do some more nesting... The puppies are about 3 weeks old now and completely adorable!

Happy Quilting,


  1. Bassets are adorable and have such a wonderful personality. I always pick sporting dogs that can keep up with us, lol. Love the bed you made for him and the name.


  2. How exciting. We've had basset hounds for years. They are great companions and are personable and stubborn. I can't wait to see that adorable puppy with those giant ears.

  3. Love my little red and white basset. She is named Maggie Mae and is three years old. So sweet!!

  4. How very exciting!!!! I would just love to get another dog (our Lab passed about six years ago) but my husband says no - it was too difficult for him losing our Lab. Anyway, I am so dang excited for you and I'll be looking forward to seeing your puppy pictures!!! Congratulations!!!!

  5. what a sweet puppy bed. How exciting that you will be getting a basset hound. hope you all have tons of fun and sweet memories
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  6. Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys. Bassets are so darn cute! Can't wait for baby pictures!

  7. Oh my! Can't wait for the baby pictures either, so much fun having a new puppy! Congrats to you all!

  8. I hope you have your new puppy by now. My sister had basset hounds. As puppies they were always running and tripping over those ears! Even as adults they would sometimes. They have sweet natures, in my experience. Belvedere ... yep, trouble if I ever heard of it. LOL