Monday, December 19, 2016

Lola Loves the Snow!

I couldn't leave Lola out and not design something in her honor! Since I've been on a doodling roll, I drew up an adorable husky. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen a kazillion pictures of my grand puppy, Lola. She is a hoot with her own Instagram page.... Lolathefluffball. Her smile is as big as her personality. Can you imagine a puppy that sings along to Rihanna and says 'I love you'? She certainly is a character and we all love her so. I love it when Lola visits. She's such a sweet girl. This is Lola's favorite time of year, she LOVES snow. So it is very fitting that her sweater is full of snowflakes! Lola is all ready for Christmas and can't wait for the celebrations to begin! Santa certainly will be leaving this sweet girl a new toy in her Christmas sock.

Wilson is looking forward to Lola's visit on Christmas.
I'm off to wrap some more gifts today and make some caramel for my neighbors.

Hope you have a wonderful day too!
Happy Christmas Quilting,


  1. Cute new designs! I hope Wilson is feeling better. Have fun making caramel :-)

  2. Lola is definitely deserving of her snowflake sweater and all of the love and attention she gets! Every dog should be so lucky!

  3. You are such a pretty dog, Lola!!! So happy to read all the nice things about you. Keep being so happy all year round:)