Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quilt Market 2016

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work to get to International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, and it was sure worth all of the time and effort that we put into it. First of all, Utah is beautiful. I have never been to Utah and I fell in love with the snowcapped mountains at soon at I saw them peeking out of the clouds while flying over Utah in the plane. Thank you honey for letting me have the window seat! I certainly looked like a tourist as soon as I started taking pictures of the mountains. I wish I would have allowed more time for sightseeing, but it's difficult to fit sightseeing in when it's a 'work' trip. There was so much to see in Salt Lake that I wish I would have had more time....
Getting ready for market takes months of planning prep work. I want to thank all of my helpers, pattern testers and also my family. There were lots of late nights stuffing patterns, weekends spent making my little swag giveaway and just general planning on how I would get a 'booth' to Salt Lake City from Minnesota. I now know that I can stuff two large suitcases (checked bags) with the booth supplies and my samples and keep it under TSA's weight limits. Not an easy task, but I did it!!! I also marveled at my hubbies determination to pack my flooring into a box and also get that within the weight and size measurements for a checked bag/box. Thank you sweetie! You are awesome and saved me the money of buying a rug at IKEA that I would have had to leave behind....
I do wish I would have had more time to walk around and see everyone's booth, I only saw a small section of the show.... and what I did see was fabulous! So much creativity on display! My assistant, Lynn ran around checking everything out and she brought Murphy along. Murphy had fun doing a little photo bombing while at the convention center.

The best part of Market was that my hubby joined me. I'm not really sure what he thought of it all, but he has a better understanding of what 'market' is all about. I think he now understands why I have so many sleepless nights planning the Quilt Doodle booth. Mark was an awesome help lugging bags thru the airport, putting up the booth, helping pin up samples with Lynn and I. It was so nice to spend time with him in the evening, I think he enjoyed his time away from the office.

I did manage to have some fun at sample spree, and I have so much more to share with you but a bunch of my photos are on my hubbies phone.... I'll try to get him to 'send' them to me today so that I can share them with you too!
Have a wonderful quilty day,


  1. Your booth looks wonderful and it looks like you got to enjoy some fun time with your husband, as well.


  2. I would love to learn more about Murphy and if there is a pattern. My granddaughter has a new Yorkie and that's what Murphy looks like. TIA!!

  3. thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. looks like you had a grand time
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