Friday, January 8, 2016

My Son is a Hero...

My son is a hero; he rescued a Lab-Rottweiler (Labrottie or Rotten Lab) from a local humane society. He totally fell in love with her a little more every time he visited the humane society to play with her. I knew she was coming home with him when he texted me her picture with the caption, “I’m in love…” Who ever had her before us, must have loved her too. She’s fully trained and eager to please and is a sweet, gentle girl. Within a few minutes of her arrival, she made herself to home and adopted all of us too. We are all in love with her.
We now have a new member to our family. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have all ready met my son’s new girl, Maddie. She is a sweet large hunk of snuggles and cuddles. A very sweet doggie. She has stolen all of our hearts and Wilson likes her too. Although he’s not fond of the fact that she de-stuffs all of his favorite toys. Wilson does enjoy the extra companion in the house and when we’re not looking he tries to play with her even though he’s blind. It’s sweet how he follows her outside and ‘listens’ for her to find the door when it’s time to come back in.  My hubby and I have taken them for a few walks and Wilson seems to walk along at a quicker pace listening for Maddie as a reference to where we are going.
"I'm in love..."
One thing we discovered the day after Christmas is Maddie loves to run. I mean LOVES TO RUN… REALLY LOVES TO RUN.  She runs like a greyhound and is a bit of a tease and trickster. She slipped out of her collar while outside, gave my hubby a goofy smile and then off to the races she went! Of coarse it’s a lazy morning, I’m still in my jammies drinking coffee and I hear hubby in a panic, ‘She’s loose’ he yells. We both throw on coats and bolt out the front door in a panic.  (All I can think is ‘what am I going to tell Thomas if Maddie is lost. And we lost her while he was at work!) When I get outside, I find Maddie is frolicking through the neighborhood with a big ol’ goofy grin. After what felt like hours of slopping through my neighbor’s yards in newly fallen, wet snow with my dear hubby, Maddie decides she’s done running and comes home with us. During all of this, hubby had abandoned Wilson outside with the back door open. ‘Thank you Wilson for being a good boy and letting yourself in’.  There is nothing like starting your day, flip-flopping thru several inches of wet snow in your hubby’s oversized slippers with a cold. All of us slept the rest of the day… even Wilson.
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  1. Sounds like a fun addition to the house, lol. My guy is a runner too, but he stays in the yard at home, but I found out when I let him loose at the school, he took off. He ran into the woods and I am running down and calling him and just as I got to the path, he comes running out of the other end of the path, think he covered the mile in a few minutes. I think it is nice that Wilson can follow him and help him to get around.


  2. Kudos for the rescue! And congrats for the sweet new family member ❤️
    We love our rescues. Although truth be told, they actually rescue us.

  3. Congratulations to all of you for losing your hearts :) We have a runner also and use a harness for walking, problem solved and although she flunked out of training school we learned not to run towards her, but away, then its' a game. I love the thought of Wilson having a helping friend, so sweet.

  4. all well that ends well, Both are beautiful dogs. How old is Wilson? Is his blindness due to his age?

  5. you are so right, a hero he truly is. Looks and sounds like a super addition to your home. It was quite the picture you painted, running through the snow chasing a happy go lucky kid.
    Wishing you all the very best.

  6. I love how Maddie's colouring round her face makes her look like she is smiling all the time. She will be a great edition to your family. Hugs, Susie x

  7. What beautiful dogs! Your son is definitely a hero in my book too!
    I have 2 dogs, Zoe (lab-pit bull mix) and Victory (walker coon hound) He's a rescue that found US! My husband discovered him barely alive when he took Zoe for a morning walk back in July 2010. We live in a rural area & think hunters dumped him in the woods because he has bad arthritis in his front legs & not really good for hunting anymore. I don't understand the whole 'hunting dog' concept & I could really get up on my soapbox, but I won't. Anyway, he required a lot of medical attention & after a high vet bill, he pulled through. He's the most loving dog ever. So is Zoe. Anyway, I can relate to your searching for him story. He got loose once after we moved & we were worried sick but after about 10 hours of romping in the woods across the BUSY road, he came home. He slept for about 2 days after that & only moved to eat & go out to potty.
    Thanks for sharing your great doggie stories!

  8. Hooray for rescues and for those of us who love them! Your Maddie is a darling (as is Wilson, of course). Like Dana commented above, we found that for our dogs with a tendency to run, pull, or try to wiggle out of their collars, harnesses were a good solution. Lessened the heart-stopping terror of tugging on a leash and feeling it go slack and watching a free-spirited pup romp down a busy street.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your newest family member. Who knows? Maybe someone will see Maddie and head down to their own local shelter, looking for a cute girl to spark up 2016 for their family.