Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Snow Day

Yesterday was another snowy day here in Minnesota. It was also the day I had planned to go to my dear friend Lynn's place and have an all day sew day. So a snowy Minnesota day was perfect. Since the weather was lousy, I didn't feel bad about not running errands. Errands that I am now waiting on until Monday to run. I'd rather sit in my big comfy chair and chat with you than run errands. So let me tell you about my fun day yesterday. Starting early yesterday I packed up my machine and went to Lynn's place to sew all day. I brought one of my UFO's that I have had pinned and ready to quilt for a couple of years now. I was so hung up on what type of design to quilt, or what type of thread to use that it took me until now to work on it. Even when I laid the quilt out across the floor, I was still hesitant to work on it and almost wished I had a different project to work on. Then I thought, wait, I do have something else to work on. I had my paper piece house project (a UFO from years ago) I was ready to bail on the quilt once again. But then I realized I only had my quilting foot on my machine. I left my box of machine gadgets at home..... at home! I also didn't want to look like an unprepared dooffiss so I was stuck with quilting. I drank a cup of coffee and procrastinated on starting. I ate some crackers and kept procrastinating. Lynn asked me if I had a project to work on.... yup I have a project, I'm just a really slow starter, I'm thinking about it. ... I drank some more coffee. Well, by then I'd already wasted an hour, so I decided to jump in and start quilting. Still dinking around, I filled bobbins, and practiced some freehand quilting to check my tension... well, no more excuses...  I dove in and started quilting. It was so much fun. We snacked and sewed all day. I quilted for six hours and still don't have it done. The time just flew by! I really thought I would get it finished, but at least it's closer to finished. I took a couple of pictures to share with you.
I started quilting swirls.... using a variegated rainbow thread.
swirls... and swirls.....
I swirled the day away.... 

Lynn finished this quilt top and made a matching pillowcase to go with it.
It was fun sewing along and working on our colorful projects and just ignoring all of the white stuff that was falling outside. I look forward to our next sewing get-together! I hope to be able to share my finished quilt with you all in a week or two. It's that time of year that I am just starving for a little color outside. Anything but white. I am so tired of snow, I'll just focus on my wonderful fabric and dream of springtime.

Happy Quilting,


  1. I had a sewing day yesterday also with friends but we are having our snow storm today. We are leaving tomorrow for our trip so hope it will let up. We are driving from New Brunswick to Portland to fly to New Orleans. Hope there is no snow there. I am starting to get tired of it. It sure makes a nice day to have a sew day with friends.

  2. A day of sewing is the only way to beat those winter blues.

  3. a good day .. eventually x looks good x

  4. Sometimes things just turn out the way they were meant to! You made beautiful progress on your quilting! I'm at my limit with snow too and have been surrounding myself with fabrics and dyed woolens to keep the cheer up! :-)

  5. Wow, you got a lot done. Gotta love the snow, it does make me want to sit & bind quilts. Spring is coming...