Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

My first set of blocks finished for "Just Takes Two"

Happy New Year everybody!  It's that time of year that we make promises to ourselves, be it to loose weight, exercise, be more organized, finish those UFO's.  I typically do not make a New Year's resolution.  How about a quilting wish list of what I would like to do in 2012....

Wish List
  • Would love to finish a couple of UFO's
  • Continue to work on my Civil War Diary Quilt and be better about posting every Saturday.
  • Keep up on the "Just Takes Two" Quilt Challenge
  • Would like to start the "Building Houses from Scraps 2012" Quilt Challenge.  I like the idea of using scraps.
  • Change my needle after every big quilt project...
  • Keep my studio organized between quilt projects

I also have the 'normal' New Year's resolutions.... loose weight, walk more etc.  I will try to do those things too. How about you?  Do you have anything on your "Wish List" for 2012? 

A year ago I started my Civil War Diary journey and I'm looking forward to continuing my work on that.  I got 3 rows completed last year.  Not as many blocks as I would have liked to get done, but more done than if I didn't blog about it.  So thank you, loyal followers, for giving me a reason to work on my quilt.  I'm looking forward to posting my progress each Saturday, hope that you join me in my journey.  This Saturday I will be posting about the next two blocks...'Thousands of Diamonds' and 'Preparations for Smuggling'. 

Happy New Year!
Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you.
A couple more blocks finished for "Takes Just Two".


  1. Cindy, I've enjoyed your blog and watching your progress. Keep up the good work in 2012.

  2. You are so quick with the "Takes Just Two" I am still deciding on whether to order fresh fabric or go with a scrappy red/white on Kona White.
    I like the idea of the "Building Houses from scraps" I downloaded the pattern last night.. but i have also been planning house blocks using wonky blocks.I must get busy and finish something soon.
    I love those long term projects, your civil war diaries is going to be gorgeous, look forward to seeing more.

  3. Your blocks are absolutely wonderful, and done so fast. It looks like we will be working on some of the same things this year, have a wonderful new year.