Friday, May 14, 2021

Have You Ever Wondered...

 I have often wondered how my flannel quilts that feature my embroidery panels would wash up. Your thinking, "what?".... I know, it's something I should know. I assumed since everything is of high quality and similar fibers, that washing will go well. Many of my quilts are assembled, quilted and then they go live their best life inspiring quilters across the globe. My quilts get to travel to visit guilds, quilt shows and Quilt Market. They appear on Instagram and Facebook, it's many, many years before they are retired and are put on display or used in my own home. So I am confessing, I do not prewash my fabric.... 

Quilts that I make for my family are instantly washed and thrown in the dryer because I love that warm snuggly look of a washed quilt. While sewing the other day I decided to make a little quilt sandwich using a sample of my panel, a scrap of thin cotton batting and a sample of primo plaid flannel from Marcus fabrics. I quilted it densely and then threw it in the wash. I washed it like I would a full sized quilt, in cold water. I then threw it in the dryer... on high.  I'm happy to report, my sample washed and dried beautifully and has that warm snuggly look that I love so well.
Snuggly soft flannel

I love how a quilt looks when it's washed. This snowflake is not embroidered like on many of my quilts.

If you ever question how a fabric is going to fare with washing and drying. I suggest making a mini quilt sandwich and throwing it thru the wash using the backing and batting that you are planning to use. Because ultimately we want our quilts to live their best life and be used and loved.

~ Lost and Found Snowman Quilt ~

Happy Quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere

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