Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Quilted Hearts

 I have been cleaning my sewing space/studio the last couple of days... my least favorite thing to do in my sewing room. I'm much better at messing it up. I came across some left over blocks from a red and white quilt that I made years ago. I contemplated throwing the blocks out.... but couldn't. So I made them into a cute set of heart shaped coasters. All you need for this fun project is some scrap red, white, pink fabric... (you can make your hearts out of any colors!) Backing fabric, scrap pieces of batting, pinking shears, and just a little time. Granted I had a head start with mine having some 5" x 6" blocks already made, but these are quick to whip up with some fabric strips. Let me show you how I made them.

After you make a block, any block really... any size. Layer the backing, batting and quilt block together like you would for a quilt. My blocks are smaller 5" x 6".

I put my walking foot on my machine so I could do some straight line quilting. You can have fun and play around with the quilting if you'd like. With you free motion quilting foot you could play around with different designs.

My quilt block is all quilted....

I then quilted a heart on my block. I free handed the heart. If you want, you can trace a heart onto your block and then stitch it. After you have your heart all stitched, then cut the heart out using a pinking shear being careful not to cut the heart stitched onto your block.

Aren't these hearts fun! If you want to make a garland you can make several of these and then attach them to a string of rick rack! I think I'll use mine as little coasters I can place here and there in my living room. They are cute little accents for Valentine's Day.

~ Quilted Hearts~

I had so much fun making these that I would love to make some more.... but I need to finish up cleaning my sewing room/studio.... then I can get back to what I like to do best, sewing and making a mess. I hope you find some time to make some hearts for Valentine's Day. 

Happy quilting,

Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Donna Geurin Wednesday,03 February, 2021
    Thank you, I love your Quilted Hearts, cannot wait to make these.