Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Embroidery 101-3

Welcome back to my little embroidery series. I hope that you are having fun stitching along with me. I like to use Valdani thread either #8 or #12 weight pearl cotton (12 being my favorite). I also like to use DMC embroidery cotton, I usually use three strands when I embroider. Remember to have good lighting, a comfortable seat, beverage of your choice handy too! I’ve been addicted to ice tea lately, mango ice tea.... yum.....
I like to use #12 pearl cotton, a single strand.

If I use DMC floss, I use 3 strands for embroidery.

Today I’m going to show you a couple of alternate ways to stitch for a bold look. The first stitch is a blanket stitch, and then I’m going to show you a basket weave stitch. 
On this part of the panel I used mainly a back stitch or outline stitch. 
I thought about it and wondered what it would look like done with much bolder stitches. I remember seeing the blanket stitch used on some vintage dresser runners in my youth at grandma’s house. So let me show you a blanket stitch and how I used it on the rooster section on my panel. 
I used a blanket stitch for the roosters body and wings. I also used a variegated thread which add extra depth to the design.
To fill in the roosters comb and waddle, I used a basket weave stitch. I don’t know where I first learned this stitch, but it’s a fun way to color with thread if you want to fill in an area. 
I used a variegated red thread and started the weave stitch by stitching long stitches evenly spaced  all in one direction.

These stitches will create your warp....
In this picture you can see that I have done several rows of weaving. Remember weaving in school?  

I use my needle as a shuttle to go over and under the warp threads.  As you can see I bring my thread up from the back, weave across and then poke my needle down to pull it thru the back side. 
Then you bring the thread up from the backside and weave in the other direction.
Continue to weave until you have the entire section filled. Isn’t it a fun stitch! I outlined the roosters head using a back stitch. Used a French knot for the rooster’s eye, and used a satin stitch for the beak. Do you see how I outlined the satin stitch for a little extra drama. The added stitches adds an extra pop.

See how I’ve used the different stitches? The blanket stitch gives the design a nostalgic look. Using different embroidery stitches Is a great way to personalize the panel. So have fun stitching and let your imagination go. I have something special planned for this rooster, I can’t wait to share it. 

I’ll be posting more stitch ideas for my Blue Ribbon and Woodland Getaway panels from Marcus Fabrics. You can find the panels on my Website and Etsy Store. I also have Valdani thread and thread kits available too. I hope that you have fun experimenting with the blanket stitch and weaving stitch as you embroider. 

Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Love your embroidery ideas!

  2. Thank you for the instructions. They are easy to understand. Great photos too. I'm having fun embroidering.

  3. That really does make a big difference with a different stitch and thicker thread. I like the wattle stitching, too.