Thursday, June 20, 2019


Good morning everyone! I hope that you are enjoying summer so far. I feel like mine is starting to get away from me a little bit. It's been awhile since I've posted anything on the blog and I wanted to let you know I'm still here, lol. Been working on some new projects that are hush, hush on the downlow right now. I'm looking forward to sharing those soon... The Snow Globe panel and BOM program thru Marcus Fabrics has been recieved well and that has been exciting and fun. I'm working on my 4th version of this quilt. Shhhh…. this one is actually for me. The original quilt has been making the rounds appearing at quilt shops around the US. It'll return home later this summer. I've also been busy with decluttering a kitchen since we're in the middle of a renovation that has been long overdue. Been busy gardening and cleaning up the perennial beds. With our late spring and cooler weather everything seems to be delayed, my peonies are just blooming now, which seems late at least by a couple of weeks if not longer! I've been sharing flower pictures on Instagram. I just love flowers! Also on Instagram I have fallen in love with the simplicity of the Meadowland Quilt by Megan Buchanan of Then Came June. I've seen this quilt done in a variety of fabrics and color combinations and all of the quilts have been beautiful. I decided this would be the perfect summertime quilt for me to use my coveted Bonnie and Camille fabric. I have a tendency to gravitate to this line and purchase fat quarters when ever I visit a quilt shop. Let me say this pattern is perfect for fat quarters... it's been a fun project to work on! So let me share a few photos of my blocks so far.
To begin I gathered up my fabric and just started to cut out the pieces listed in the directions.

The blocks are large so I've only got nine of them on the design wall. I actually have 19 blocks done. 

I love striped fabric but usually save it for binding since I think stripes make the most delightful binding for a quilt. I love how the striped fabric can be displayed in the Meadowland block.
I have to say this has been a fun project for me to work on and quite a change for me instead of designing. It has been a fun little break from my ordinary. I started this quilt with no plan in mind as to how big, or how I would use my fabrics. I just started to cut into my fabric and stitch along. What is really nice about this pattern is there is several size options available from a baby quilt to a bed sized quilt! I am thinking of wrapping this project up today and sewing one more block. My quilt will be 4x5 blocks. A nice sized quilt to travel with this summer. I also pulled two quilts out of my trunk show that I also used my Bonnie and Camille fabric on to finally use. I'm planning on packing them in a bin to travel with us when we go on our cabin trips this summer. You never know when there will be a chilly night or rainy day where there is a chill in the air. Having a cozy quilt will be perfect for those cooler Minnesota days.

Hope you have a wonderful day and find some time to quilt.
Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Those are great blocks in your fabrics. I like the striped one, too. Mary Ellen Hopkins always said when you saw a stripe you liked to buy at least half a yard for binding. You'll always find a place for it. Probably a whole generation of older quilters have stripes just for that purpose. LOL

  2. I also LOVE stripes of any kind, and when you find a diagonal stripe, it's "score!" The quilt blocks look wonderful. Thank you, Susan, also for a sweet reminder of Mary Ellen Hopkins! She will be missed!

  3. This is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The choice of fabrics is going to make this quilt it! Enjoy your summer and I can't wait to see your secret projects. :O)