Friday, January 12, 2018

Working With Wool is Snow Much Fun!

I have discovered that working with wool is so much fun! As promised I have this month's block to show you all done in wool. I have been collecting wool here and there over the last couple of years. Many of you have heard me whine about my wonky stitches. Well I have learned that you can machine applique wool! Now this is a game changer for me. I don't know why I haven't discovered this sooner! I'm an instant gratification type of girl so machine appliqueing with wool is soooo awesome! Now don't get me wrong, I do love hand stitching... but I don't always have the time. For me to get a ka-zillion things done design wise and for market I need to speed up the process a bit. I'm in love with the thought of being able to machine applique wool blocks in an afternoon instead of taking days to get around to it. I am in awe with the purists out there that stitch by hand. I wish I had more time to be one of you.... but sometimes a quilter needs a little extra help. That would be me.... one of those people....
I am using 12wt Lana Wool thread from Aurifil. (color - 8087 brown) I'm using a regular 50wt in my bobbin thread. I'm using a 75/11 needle...
This thread is a total game changer for me...

I first tested out stitching by making this little sample bumblebee.
I wasn't really sure if my machine would like to stitch with this... so before stitching this month's block I wanted to make sure my machine wouldn't choke and upchuck with stitching. Lucy, has been known to be very finicky...

To begin with, I've traced all of my applique pieces onto freezer paper. (The shiny side is on the back)

I then iron on the freezer paper onto my wool pieces, (shiny side down) grouping together items that will be using the same color. I then cut all the pieces out. I peel the wax paper off before placing it on my background fabric.

I'm using a larger blanket stitch then I would normally use for machine applique. Play around with it on some scrap fabric and wool and see what you prefer. I like a 3.5 width and a 3 length.

Here I am stitching the tree in place.

I have been positioning my wool pieces onto my block following the placement on the pattern. I haven't been gluing them in place or anything. I've been just pinning my sections in place, layering as I go. It's a little different then using heat n bond. This method is working for me... I stich slowly. Machine stitching slowly goes a whole lot faster then stitching by hand. LOL

~Bird Watching Snowmen~

For this version of the quilt, I am using Primo Plaid flannels from Marcus Fabrics and for the applique pieces, I am rummaging thru my wool stash.  To finish this cute design, I embellished my square with some special buttons from Just Another Button Company. I do have these buttons available in my Etsy Shop. Pattern can be found on the Quilt Doodle Designs Website. It's a Free download this month only.  I will not be sewing my buttons onto my quilt top until after I have it all done and quilted.This BOM will be offered the first of every month. Like always, it's FREE for the month that the block is out, then there's a small fee if you have to play catch up to get the block. To make sure that you don't miss any of it,  join my mailing list. Not only will you get all of the BOM 2018 postings and updates, but you will also hear about all sorts of other fun quilty goodness too!

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Happy Quilting!
Cindy and Belvedere

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  1. Thank you for this block and tutorial- are you using the medium or large carrot noses from your website?

  2. OH,OH,OH. ..what a mind blowing post! I LOVE your designs but the toll from doing 40 yrs of intense small hand manipulations has taken hand stitching a distant memory. I thought wool was just out of the equation for me, wrong. Thank you. I believe I'll be jumping on board this BOM .

  3. WOW -- That looks great! What size needle are you using and what color of Aurifil wool thread are you using? Would like to try this technique. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. For us newbies out there, is the freezer paper removed?or left on back of the pieces? How do you get it to stick during the cutting process?