Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April's Block

This month's block is a sweet little bird and bird house. Spring is in the air, although it's still a bit chilly here in Minnesota. Easter is coming up this weekend and I hope that it will be a beautiful day so that the kids can have their Easter egg hunt outside. But we'll have to see, it might be way too muddy from the melting snow.  I haven't seen a robin yet but I'm really hoping they show up soon! It won't be long and little twitterpatted birdies will be flying about outside my kitchen window. My birdhouses are cleaned out and all ready for new little families to move in. I love hearing the little chirps as I walk by them in my yard.

I hope that you have fun with this month's block. I made my birdie's blue, but you could make your birds any color, they could be little red cardinals or little yellow finches. I am embellishing this month's block with buttons. But remember.... I'm not sewing any of the embellishments on until after I quilt the quilt. I find it helpful to put my buttons in a zippie bag and label what block the buttons go to. This will make it easier to know what goes where when you do all of the finishing touches later this year.

Here are my pieces all cut and and ironed onto
my 10 1/2" square.
Here I am machine appliqueing, you can do this by hand
if you would like. I am using brown thread, but you can use
whatever color you'd like. 
I am using black pearl cotton to sew on the little
birdie's eyes. I'm embroidery french knots to form the eyes.
Here's what the finished block will look like
with the buttons put in place.

This month's pattern is available for FREE HERE! and also HERE

A printable supply list can be found HERE!

Cutting instructions and quilt construction for the quilt can be found HERE!
Fabric kits are still  available HERE!
This quilt can be done scrappy if you want to bust your fabric stash. Remember each month I will offer a NEW block and it will be FREE for that month, as soon as the next block comes out, past blocks will be available for a small fee.... past blocks can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops. They are PDF instant downloads.

There's a flicker group!  Please join...Every month post photos of your Quilt Doodle BOM finishes in the BOM flicker group for a chance to win that month's prize! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the different bird houses! April's prize is pretty awesome... can't wait to tell you about it on the 15th.

Quilt layout so far...

If you want to be added to the email reminder list... send me your email.

The next block pattern will be posted on May 1st!  The winner for the April's block will be announced on May 1st also. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's bird houses! Now onto our winner...


Happy quilting,

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  1. Very cute, thanks! I have been saving them, but really need to start before you have finished!!! Happy Easter! xxx

  2. What a darling block! Your quilt is going to be absolutely adorable. (Makes me wish I had time to add it to my huge list of projects!) I just love seeing the progression each month.