Tuesday, October 31, 2017

November's Here! Time To Sew It Together!!!

I don't know about you, but I was up late watching spooky movies eating leftover Halloween candy... to much Halloween candy. I'm still buzzing from too much caffeine and sugar. Belvedere sure enjoyed running to the door every time the doorbell rang! He's one tired out puppy today! November is here and it's time to put our BOM for this year together! Wow- this year has flown by so quickly! I have enjoyed reminiscing about the farm and remembering my grandparents. I have so many wonderful memories and now it's time to sew them all together in a special quilt!

A few notes to remember, this quilt is set on point... I hope everyone's designs are set on point too. What is on point some of you may ask.... Well, instead of the block being sew straight... it will be set on an angle.

Hopefully you have enough background fabric left for the setting and corner triangles along with the border strips. From your background fabric you will cut the following...

To Make Corner Triangles
From background fabric (cream) cut:
                1 – 9 ½” x wof strips
                                Then cut:
                                                2– 9 ½” x 9 ½” squares
                Then cut the squares on the diagonal to make corner triangles. You will have a total of 4.
To Make Side Triangles
From background fabric (cream) cut:
                1 – 18 ¼” x wof strips
                                Then cut:
                                                3 – 18 ¼” x 18 ¼” squares
                Then cut the squares on the diagonal, twice, to make side triangles. You will have a total of 10.
Now, following the diagram below you will start sewing the quilt together. This diagram is also included in this month's printable pattern.

I am sewing away and pressing each row as I sew along. After all of my blocks were pieced to form the top, I added on the border.

Here is the finished quilt top before I sent it off to be quilted...
Once you have your quilt top done, you can call it done if you would like. The embroidered version of this quilt I left the border plain. As you can see, in the appliqued version of this quilt I have a bias strip that runs along the border to frame the design. I made mine scrappy, but in the list of supplies, I mention some green fabric. That was what I intended to use here. I did not like the green fabric I had picked out... sooooo I made it scrappy. Next month I will be writing how I made this edging and showing you how I finished off my quilt. Like I said before, this is totally optional, the quilt looks lovely with a plain border too! I will be displaying both quilts next month, can't wait to show you!

Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month). Did you miss a pattern along the way? The past monthly patterns can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for a small fee.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's BOM 2017 quilt. I'm still struggling with a name for this beautiful quilt, so if you have an idea, please leave me a comment!

I am also planning on writing this up into a complete pattern set, it should be out in a month or two. I hope that you all have had fun with this years quilt! Do stayed tuned and mark your calendars, a NEW BOM will be on the way January 1, 2018!

          Let’s have some quilty fun!


  1. I saved the patterns for this quilt for a future project. It is beautiful! I think you could name it "Farm Life", "The Good Life", "Green Acres" or "Nostalgia".

  2. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.netWednesday, 01 November, 2017

    I saved the patterns and am looking forward to making the quilt. I tried but am not able to print out todays instructions.

  3. I can not print either. Please help.

  4. I am looking forward to my finished quilt. I have loved all the blocks and can't
    wait til I get my together. I think a good name would be Childhood Memories,
    since that's what it has been. Thanks for a great pattern. Looking forward to
    seeing your quilts and your 2018 BOM

  5. I like Sue's suggestion, too, though all the suggestions are good and fitting. Your appliqué version looks fabulous. I really like the bias border you did. Thanks for a great year of sharing. I look forward to seeing your embroidered version, too.

  6. Thank you for this pattern. Your quilt is beautiful. I'm in the middle of a move but plan to put mine together once I'm settled. It's so charming.

  7. Are you able to share where you took the class to make the barn quilt? I love it!

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